Arnold 2020 Figure Predictions

This Friday, March 6, 2020 is the Figure International Competition at the Arnold Sports Festival.  I am so excited to watch this category, it’s going to be a really (really) good one!  Arnold just announced that they will be canceling the expo as a preventative measure against the Corona virus, which was such a thoughtful move; I am just relieved the competition is still happening!  Could you imagine the anguish for all these athletes if the competition were cancelled, too?!  So, this is good, very good.

Arnold 2020 Figure Predictions Jessica Reyes Padilla Natalia Soltero

(left) Jessica Reyes Padilla and (right) Natalia Soltero

A few years ago (before babies) I was a bikini competitor and my husband a competitive bodybuilder.  After I am done with the babymaking phase I will get back into bodybuilding, and I am aiming for figure!  For now, I will keep plugging away at losing the baby weight until the diaper bag is eventually replaced by my Six Pack Fitness Bag.

I’ve made a YouTube video with my top 6 predictions as well as a look at all 17 competitors and a brief explanation of the judging criteria for Figure International.  Click on the picture below to watch, and click on this link to see my Top 6 predictions for Bikini International.

Arnold 2020 Figure Predictions

Did I nail it with this top 6 or am I way off?  Tell me who makes it into your Top 6!



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