How to Take in a Maternity Shirt

How to Take in a Maternity Shirt…When I was pregnant with my first baby, I wanted to wear unique vintage maternity clothes but found them to be way too expensive. So, I sewed my own maternity shirts using a real vintage pattern. I had been doing bikini competitions and actually had to gain weight to get pregnant, so because I was already feeling pretty large, I presumed I would be an XXXL pregnant lady. I got the largest pattern I could find and extended the pattern to make it even bigger.  Well, turns out I didn’t get as big as I had presumed and was even smaller for my second baby, so the shirts went unworn…


How to Look Sexy When You Feel Frumpy

How To Look Sexy When You Feel Frumpy…It’s hard being a new mom. Strike that, it’s hard being a mom, period! So many demands, so much to do, so many people to please and mouths to feed and things to clean. Last on the list is making yourself feel like the beautiful woman who got the attention of your man and began this whole motherhood thing in the first place. Days go by without doing your hair, or putting on makeup, stretching out with yoga, or even just getting dressed…