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Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose the Baby Weight Fast: Month 1

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose the Baby Weight Fast: Month 1…Are you ready to lose the baby weight and shed those dreaded post pregnancy pounds?   I certainly am, and I am still 38 weeks pregnant!!


Badlands Maternity Photo Shoot: DIY Tips

Badlands Maternity Photo Shoot: DIY Tips…Now that I finally have a nice big baby belly, it was time for our DIY maternity photo shoot, in the desert badlands! These pictures were taken in Drumheller, Alberta when I was 35 weeks pregnant by my wonderful husband, and I think they turned out spectacular…

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Comic Con: Pregnant, Cosplay and Family Adventures

Comic Con: Pregnant, Cosplay and Family Adventures…We recently went to Comic Con as a family and oh man was it ever fun! Carrying a 1.5 year old, being seven months pregnant, and being dressed in our Batman, Joker and Poison Ivy costumes made it extra special (and tiring), but we are already excited to go again next year with the new baby. He will be about 6 months old, so the family costume ideas are endless…


Second Pregnancy Bump Comparison, Part 2

Second Pregnancy Bump Comparison Part 2…It’s pregnancy bump comparison time again! Boy oh boy time is flying by; I can’t believe how close the end of this pregnancy is. I’m a little behind on my posts (as I write this I am actually 34 weeks) so looking back at where I was just 4 weeks ago is mind blowing…


Hello Dolly (7 Layer Magic Cookie Bar) Recipe: The Chocolate Toffee Edition

Hello Dolly 7 Layer Magic Cookie Bar Recipe…When I bake, I usually want nothing short of extravagance, high praise and admiration for my extreme baking prowess (like macarons, see my tutorial simplifying them here, I promise they are easy!). But sometimes you want a dessert recipe that is fast, easy, simple, foolproof and crowd pleasing without the headache of particularly whipped egg whites or fancy baking dishes or rare ingredients. Enter the Hello Dolly, aka the Magic Bar, aka the Seven Layer Bar, aka the Seven Layer Magic Cookie Bar. These things will knock your socks off, they are ah-mazing: so sweet, so delicious, so easy, and oh so so good…