Billy Bookcase Built-In with Corner Unit DIY: Our Library Reveal

Billy Bookcase Built In with Corner Unit DIY…I’m so excited to reveal the first room of our new house, the library!  This is by far our favourite room, my husband comes here every morning before work to drink his coffee, my kids love sitting on the floor and colouring or playing with stickers (or pulling all the magazines off the shelves), and I just love looking at all our pretty, beautiful things that all have such lovely memories.  This isn’t the first BILLY Bookcase built-in hack you’re going to find, but it’s the first one with a corner unit!  I wanted it to wrap around the whole room, Princess Belle style, so it took a little bit of cleverness to add the corner plus a CD tower to fill the whole wall.  We decided against adding a ladder because, well, kids, but maybe that’s something we’ll add in the future…


Christmas Candy House Tour

Christmas Candy House Tour…It’s Christmas Eve!  We have a new house and I decided to decorate our exterior as a Christmas Candy Gingerbread House. We are the only ones in our neighborhood with a theme like this, it really looks fantastic!  It’s especially satisfying hearing kids outside squealing “it’s real candy!”


DIY Framed Wallpaper Panels

DIY Framed Wallpaper Panels…I am obsessed (OBSESSED!) with Dorothy Draper’s Brazilliance wallpaper. It’s so vibrant and colourful and tropical; such a bold statement and so iconic of Hollywood Regency style. I wanted to do my whole powder room from floor to ceiling with it. Unfortunately, my husband has different feelings about this vivid wallpaper. So, like the good wife that I am, I waited until he was away before I put it up…


Gold, Turquoise and Pink Little Girl Room

Gold, Turquoise and Pink Little Girl Room…Baby J is officially in her big girl room and out of the nursery. And it’s a beautiful room if I do say so myself, decorated with gold, turquoise and pink in every corner! We slowly transitioned her out of the nursery for a few months, and aside from using the diaper change table she is now completely out. She no longer has even a single tiny sock in the nursery, which has been turned into a Batman/Gotham City/New York themed nursery for her new baby brother! My sweet little girl is growing up (tear!)…

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Batman, Gotham City, New York Theme Nursery for our New Baby Boy

Batman, Gotham City, New York Theme Nursery for our New Baby Boy…The baby may not be here yet (any day now, I’m 40 weeks and 2 days), but his Gotham City Batman nursery is ready and waiting!  When we found out we were having a boy and were discussing how to decorate the nursery, I said I wanted a New York City theme while my husband said Batman. The compromise was easy: Gotham City…