Meghan, Kate: Royal Wedding Jealousy

Meghan Kate: Royal Wedding Jealousy…You’re probably expecting me to say that I bet Kate Middleton is jealous of Meghan Markle: her public speaking abilities, her confidence, her sex appeal, her beauty, her sparkle in the spotlight.  Or maybe you think I’m going to say that I bet Meghan Markle is jealous of Kate Middleton: her position in the royal family, her beautiful children, her ability to bounce back to her pre-pregnancy body, her impeccable fashion sense, her poise and elegance…but I have something else to say…


Macaroons: Martha Stewart vs Anna Olson

Macaroons: Martha Stewart vs Anna Olson…One of the greatest confusions of the world is the difference between macarons and macaroons.  I feel it is my duty to spread goodwill and educate the masses on the crucial difference between the two types of cookies.  My aim is to save anyone from using the wrong hashtag and looking oh so foolish to us cookie aficionados in the know…


Night Wean a Co-Sleeping Baby

Night Wean a Co-Sleeping Baby…My little baby boy has slept in my arms since the day he was born. It’s been the most beautiful, comforting and lovely experience to have this special time with him. During the day my attention is split between him and his toddler sister, so I felt like this one-on-one time was really good for him. But, all good things must come to an end and I decided it was time to night wean my co-sleeper…


Versatile Blogger Award and Seven Things About Me

Versatile Blogger Award and Seven Things About Me…I am very honoured to say that I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!  How cool!  I was nominated by Quirky Kay and to accept the award I’m supposed to write seven things about myself that perhaps you didn’t know and nominate a bunch of other blogs.  I wasn’t going to accept the nomination because it reminded me of those emails you got in high school telling you to pass it on or you’d have bad luck (which I never ever passed on…so I must be cursed).  But,  this type of post is not one I typically do and I thought it was a neat idea, so here it goes…


Potty Training a Two Year Old Girl

Potty Training a Two Year Old Girl…We just potty trained our toddler girl in one week.  She was showing lots of signs of readiness, like absolutely hating having a wet cloth diaper and telling us whenever she was going pee, so we figured it was time.  We barricaded ourselves in the house with lots of paper towel and laundry detergent and got it done.  It actually wasn’t too bad, but I’m glad this week is over.  She seems to have nailed it!