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IFBB Iron Games 2020 Pro Bikini Results

IFBB Iron Games 2020 Pro Bikini Results…Two competitions happened this weekend, the 2020 Musclecontest IFBB Iron Games Pro Bikini show, and the IFBB Wings of Strength Romania Muscle Fest Pro. What an exciting weekend for women’s bodybuilding! And, the Olympia made an announcement that they are moving the 2020 venue from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada, to Orlando, Florida–what a huge accomplishment to move the world’s biggest bodybuilding show with a month to go, how spectacular! I’m so happy that shows are able to continue happening despite the craziness in the world right now..


IFBB San Antonio Classic 2020 Pro Bikini Results

IFBB San Antonio Classic 2020 Pro Bikini Results…We had another awesome week competitions, with three shows in three different countries! First off, I’m talking about the 2020 IFBB San Antonio Classic Pro Bikini show, which gave us our first Olympia 2021 qualified Bikini Athlete, Lucia Malavaze. What a great start to the qualification period…


IFBB Sacramento Pro Championships 2020 Bikini Results

IFBB Sacramento Pro Championships 2020 Bikini Results…The final competition to qualify for the 2020 Olympia Bikini category has happened! We now get to see who the top 5 girls in the points standings are and who has won the last competition to receive the remaining coveted spot on the Olympia qualified athlete list. The Sacramento Pro Championships occurred simultaneously with the Chicago Pro Show (which I recapped here) where we got to see the winners and final qualified athletes in the other women’s categories, so this has been a very exciting weekend…


Women’s Physique vs Women’s Bodybuilding

Women’s Physique vs Women’s Bodybuilding…One of the comments on my last video asked if I thought the Women’s Physique category had changed since it did not have Women’s Bodybuilding as a cap above it to limit the degree of muscle mass on the athletes.  I thought this was a fantastic question!  I started digging, looking specifically at the Olympia and the Arnold Classic…


Ms. Olympia 2020

Ms. Olympia 2020…There are quite a few bodybuilding categories for women to compete in these days:  For those who like a toned, fitness model appearance, the Bikini category is the way to go.  If you like the Bikini look but have more muscle mass in your lower body, Wellness is the one for you.  For those who like more muscle and a more athletic appearance–but not too big–the Figure category is a good fit.  If you want to have the Figure look and also perform a routine filled with gymnastics and strength and power moves (like back flips and jumping splits), then Fitness is the one.  If you like even more muscle, a more traditional bodybuilding posing style, and you don’t want to wear high heels on stage, Physique is the way to go.  And, I am happy to say that as of 2020, one more category has returned to the Olympia, Women’s Bodybuilding.  This category is for ladies who have the most amount of muscle and do traditional bodybuilding poses and routines in bare feet.  So, there’s something for everyone…


Bikini & Wellness Posing Rules

Bikini & Wellness Posing Rules…Even though there are no competitions happening right now, I still have my head in the contest clouds thinking about all the women’s categories, especially the new Wellness League!  The Wellness league competitors are just like bikini competitors but with more muscle mass in the legs, hips and glutes, and I am beyond excited to watch the new professionals challenge each other in the upcoming Pro Shows!  But first, I wanted to look at the differences between the NPC, IFBB, IFBB Pro, and Elite Pro IFBB Wellness and Bikini posing rules…


Arnold 2020 Fitness Recap

Arnold 2020 Fitness Recap…The Arnold Fitness International has a new champion for 2020, Missy Truscott!  Missy absolutely dominated, her physique was incredible and her fitness routine really was amazing.  I am in awe of all these women for the amount of work that goes into their sport.  Not only are they judged on their physiques, they also have to perform seriously athletic fitness routines–while carb depleted!  It’s truly unbelievable what they are capable of…


Arnold 2020 Figure Recap

Arnold 2020 Figure Recap…The Arnold Figure International has a new champion for 2020, Natalia Soltero!  This was such a good competition, I was blown away by so many of the competitors and can’t believe how muscular yet graceful these ladies are!  It’s really inspiring and definitely motivates me to lift heavy in the gym…


Arnold 2020 Figure Predictions

Arnold 2020 Figure Predictions…This Friday, March 6, 2020 is the Figure International Competition at the Arnold Sports Festival.  I am so excited to watch this category, it’s going to be a really (really) good one!  Arnold just announced that they will be canceling the expo as a preventative measure against the Corona virus, which was such a thoughtful move; I am just relieved the competition is still happening!  Could you imagine the anguish for all these athletes if the competition were cancelled, too?!  So, this is good, very good….