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Dinos and Donuts 2nd Birthday Party for Baby J

Dinos and Donuts 2nd Birthday Party…My little girl recently turned two and we threw her a Dinosaurs and Donuts party!  She absolutely loves dinosaurs, and I absolutely love doughnuts, so it was a perfect combination. And it wasn’t even that hard to throw a dinosaur party with a feminine vibe…


Nuroo Pocket v Wrap Carrier

Nuroo Pocket v Wrap Carrier…I have become a baby wearing Mom.  I wasn’t when I just had one, I was perfectly happy to just hold her when we went out.  But now that I have two babies, going out is impossible without wearing Baby K because I absolutely need both hands to take care of Baby J…


Second Pregnancy Bump (and Labor) Comparison, Part 4

Second Pregnancy Bump (and Labor) Comparison…Ahh pregnancy weeks 37 and beyond, a full term baby bump!  I had to wait to do this final post because I needed to know how long my little guy would be staying before I could finish the first and second pregnancy bump comparisons, and boy did he surprise us…

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Batman, Gotham City, New York Theme Nursery for our New Baby Boy

Batman, Gotham City, New York Theme Nursery for our New Baby Boy…The baby may not be here yet (any day now, I’m 40 weeks and 2 days), but his Gotham City Batman nursery is ready and waiting!  When we found out we were having a boy and were discussing how to decorate the nursery, I said I wanted a New York City theme while my husband said Batman. The compromise was easy: Gotham City…


Turquoise Baby Sprinkle for Baby #2 (x 2!)

Turquoise Baby Sprinkle for Baby #2…When you have a second baby, you don’t have a Baby Shower but rather a Baby Sprinkle. You already have so much from Baby #1, you only need to be sprinkled with gifts rather than showered with gifts. Cute, right?  I have friends who live in two different parts of the country, so I actually had two baby sprinkles for Baby #2!  One was thrown by my loving husband at our house and the other by my two lovely girlfriends at the local community centre!  So much fun…

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Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose the Baby Weight Fast: Month 1

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose the Baby Weight Fast: Month 1…Are you ready to lose the baby weight and shed those dreaded post pregnancy pounds?   I certainly am, and I am still 38 weeks pregnant!!


Badlands Maternity Photo Shoot: DIY Tips

Badlands Maternity Photo Shoot: DIY Tips…Now that I finally have a nice big baby belly, it was time for our DIY maternity photo shoot, in the desert badlands! These pictures were taken in Drumheller, Alberta when I was 35 weeks pregnant by my wonderful husband, and I think they turned out spectacular…