Fourth Pregnancy Bump (and Labor) Comparison Part 4

Fourth Pregnancy Bump (and Labor) Comparison Part 4…Ok, this post is long overdue, baby is 10 months old now, but here I am finally wrapping up my fourth pregnancy bump comparison series!  I had another girl! That makes it three girls and a boy, what a surprise!  Four kids under 5 for most of this year, it’s been wild and wonderful and exhausting and fun…

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Frozen Fever 2nd Birthday Party for Baby A

Frozen Fever 2nd Birthday Party for Baby A…My sweet Baby A turned 2, and of course she wanted a Frozen Birthday. But, since her birthday falls in the summer, the last thing I wanted to do was another winter themed birthday party (check out the Frozen Winter Wonderland Birthday Party we threw for Baby J a few years ago), so my solution was to do a Frozen Fever Theme instead, and she loved it!


DIY Winter Maternity Photoshoot

DIY Winter Maternity Photoshoot…We recently did our pandemic friendly, outdoor winter maternity photoshoot, and it was a resounding success! This isn’t our first DIY photoshoot; my husband and I have now done four of these together, and I think we get better every time. Normally we try to plan the photoshoot around a babymoon or trip so that the location is somewhere special, but because of the situation the world is in right now, we had to come up with an idea that was close to home, socially distant, and safe to bring the kids with us…

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Shared Baby and Toddler Nautical Room

Shared Baby and Toddler Nautical Room…The shared nursery for the newborn and toddler is ready, we are all so excited! I’m 37 weeks pregnant now, so it is really nice having this done, even if the new baby will be in a basinet in our bedroom for the next few months. I have always loved nautical themed nurseries and adore navy blue with turquoise, so it was a perfect fit. And that giant giraffe has been a fixture in all of the baby nurseries, so now he is a sailor giraffe…


Fourth Pregnancy Bump Comparison, Part 3

Fourth Pregnancy Bump Comparison Part 3…My fourth pregnancy is almost over, I can hardly believe it! One of the most fun things for me is comparing how my bump looks in each pregnancy, and I have to say, I still can’t tell if I’m “high” or “low” or just somewhere in between. However, I definitely think this is my biggest bump–and biggest baby?–yet…


Fourth Pregnancy Bump Comparison, Part 2

Fourth Pregnancy Bump Comparison, Part 2…I’m back with another pregnancy update! It’s really moving along quickly and I’m already in the third trimester (home stretch) as I write this. Baby J, my little 5 year old, is convinced the new baby will be a boy with brown eyes, I wonder if she’s right? I have brown eyes and my husband has blue; we have a daughter with brown, a son with brown, and a daughter with blue…statistically, she could be on to something! She also has decided on a name: Peter Pan. So cute…


Fourth Pregnancy Bump Comparison, Part 1

Fourth Pregnancy Bump Comparison, Part 1…In case you haven’t seen my Instagram lately, Baby #4 is on the way! And actually, coming pretty darn soon, at that. I am behind on my pregnancy updates as I had a hard drive malfunction, but my pictures have been recovered and there’s a little break between fitness competition recaps, so my fourth pregnancy bump comparison is here…

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Third Baby Postpartum Weight Loss Progress

Third Baby Postpartum Weight Loss Progress..It’s time for a postpartum weight loss update!  I’m not quite at my pre-pregnancy weight yet, but I’m really close, just 5 lbs to go, woohoo!  I’ll be super stoked if I can do it by Baby A’s first birthday, I think it’ll happen with no problem…


Third Pregnancy Bump (and Labor) Comparison Part 4

Third Pregnancy Bump (and Labor) Comparison…My third baby is here, it’s a girl!  What a whirlwind it has been, she is already four weeks old and I am just now getting to the announcement on Instagram and this labour comparison post.  Life as a Mom of 3 under 4 is crazy, let me tell you.  Crazy, but delicious and wonderful.  I have not stopped holding and snuggling and kissing her this entire time…


Third Pregnancy Bump Comparison Part 3

Third Pregnancy Bump Comparison…I am now well into my third trimester with my third baby, and it’s going really well!  I’ve passed all the tests (no gestational diabetes, no strep B, no blood pressure problems), my belly is growing right on track, and my energy levels are pretty good.  I’m still super tired, but that’s the only complaint I have and it could very well be due to the fact that I don’t really start my day until my other two babies are asleep.  I’m quite the night owl…