Praline Recipe

Praline Recipe…Canadian Thanksgiving evokes thoughts of gumbo, cornbread, bananas foster, and pralines. Wait, what?! It’s true! In our house this year we skipped the traditional turkey meal and did something completely different: an authentic New Orleans menu!…


Hello Dolly (7 Layer Magic Cookie Bar) Recipe: The Chocolate Toffee Edition

Hello Dolly 7 Layer Magic Cookie Bar Recipe…When I bake, I usually want nothing short of extravagance, high praise and admiration for my extreme baking prowess (like macarons, see my tutorial simplifying them here, I promise they are easy!). But sometimes you want a dessert recipe that is fast, easy, simple, foolproof and crowd pleasing without the headache of particularly whipped egg whites or fancy baking dishes or rare ingredients. Enter the Hello Dolly, aka the Magic Bar, aka the Seven Layer Bar, aka the Seven Layer Magic Cookie Bar. These things will knock your socks off, they are ah-mazing: so sweet, so delicious, so easy, and oh so so good…


Valentine’s Heart Macarons with Chocolate Berry Filling

Valentine’s Heart Macarons with Chocolate Berry Filling…Macarons are not hard to make. They require some practice and some technical skills, but once you’ve baked them a few times they really aren’t difficult at all. I have a post here all about how to make perfect macarons–easy, fast and no swearing involved!…