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Comic Con: Pregnant, Cosplay and Family Adventures

Comic Con: Pregnant, Cosplay and Family Adventures…We recently went to Comic Con as a family and oh man was it ever fun! Carrying a 1.5 year old, being seven months pregnant, and being dressed in our Batman, Joker and Poison Ivy costumes made it extra special (and tiring), but we are already excited to go again next year with the new baby. He will be about 6 months old, so the family costume ideas are endless…


Beauty Resolutions for 2017

Beauty Resolutions for 2017…New Year’s Resolutions are hard. They involve sacrifice, dedication, will power, hard work, and suffering. Why go through all that for weeks or months (because let’s be honest, most people make resolutions they don’t keep much longer than February). Why not resolve to do something for yourself that is fun, has immediate results, makes you look amazing, and helps you feel good about yourself? Now those are resolutions anybody can stick to!…


Busy Mom Tips for a Spotless House

Busy Mom tips for a spotless house…I need my house to be clean all the time because I have visitors every day. But with an eight month old baby, I just don’t have time to house clean like I used to (nor do I want to!). I’ve developed some house cleaning hacks that have saved me time and energy to keep my house looking spic and spam no matter what time of day! So if Martha Stewart happens to drop by, I won’t have to keep her waiting on the front step while I shove everything under the bed.


How to Get Your Husband to Give You Gifts You Actually Want

Tiffany’s Multi Heart Tag Toggle Bracelet Necklace…I’m a bit spoiled. Not only did I get a gorgeous citrine ring for a push present (a gift for “pushing” during child birth), my husband frequently gives me little blue boxes wrapped in white bows from a store you may have heard of, Tiffany’s and Co?