Savannah Pro 2020 Women’s Bodybuilding and Figure Results

The final competition recap for this weekend is the 2020 Lenda Murray Savannah Pro where we got to see a spectacular performance from our IFBB Pro Women Bodybuilders and Figure athletes. What an amazing show with two newly qualified athletes heading to Olympia: Asha Hadley in women’s bodybuilding, and Nicole Zenobia Graham in Figure. It was especially awesome because the contest was live-streamed for free, which is such a great thing for us fans! Many of the shows have not been able to have an audience this summer so they have offered a pay-per-view option–also fantastic, but free is hard to beat!

Click on the picture below to watch my YouTube video recapping the 2020 Lenda Murray Savannah Pro Women’s Bodybuilding and Figure results. You’ll see some spectacular physiques, and some pretty amazing figure suits, too! And in case you missed the other two contests this weekend, here’s a link to my Pacific USA Recap and Optimum Classic Recap.

Savannah Pro 2020 Womens Bodybuilding and Figure Results

Next weekend is another great one for female bodybuilding fans. We’ll get to see bikini and figure at the Monsterzym Pro, as well as bikini, figure, physique and bodybuilding at the New York Pro. It’s going to be fantastic, stay tuned for more recaps!


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