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Frozen Fever 2nd Birthday Party for Baby A

Frozen Fever 2nd Birthday Party for Baby A…My sweet Baby A turned 2, and of course she wanted a Frozen Birthday. But, since her birthday falls in the summer, the last thing I wanted to do was another winter themed birthday party (check out the Frozen Winter Wonderland Birthday Party we threw for Baby J a few years ago), so my solution was to do a Frozen Fever Theme instead, and she loved it!


Inflatable Pool 2nd Birthday Party for Baby K

Inflatable Pool Birthday Party…My little boy turned two this summer, and even though I just had Baby A I still wanted to throw him a big, fun party with lots of baking and décor (sleep be damned!).  Even though we live near the beach, I decided it was much easier to have a backyard inflatable pool party than try to pack everybody and everything up, and it turned out perfect.  We celebrated Baby K turning two, but also my friends and family got to meet sweet newborn Baby A…

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Dinos and Donuts 2nd Birthday Party for Baby J

Dinos and Donuts 2nd Birthday Party…My little girl recently turned two and we threw her a Dinosaurs and Donuts party!  She absolutely loves dinosaurs, and I absolutely love doughnuts, so it was a perfect combination. And it wasn’t even that hard to throw a dinosaur party with a feminine vibe…