Pop Art Lichtenstein Warhol Theme First Birthday Party for Baby C

Pop Art Lichtenstein Warhol Theme First Birthday Party for Baby C…Well it’s finally happened, we have left the baby stage of life! My youngest and final child has turned 1, and what a rambunctious and wonderful little toddler she is turning out to be. I had to throw a party suitable to her attitude: sweet, silly, loud, and free; pop art fit the bill perfectly…

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Shared Baby and Toddler Nautical Room

Shared Baby and Toddler Nautical Room…The shared nursery for the newborn and toddler is ready, we are all so excited! I’m 37 weeks pregnant now, so it is really nice having this done, even if the new baby will be in a basinet in our bedroom for the next few months. I have always loved nautical themed nurseries and adore navy blue with turquoise, so it was a perfect fit. And that giant giraffe has been a fixture in all of the baby nurseries, so now he is a sailor giraffe…

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Third Baby Postpartum Weight Loss Progress

Third Baby Postpartum Weight Loss Progress..It’s time for a postpartum weight loss update!  I’m not quite at my pre-pregnancy weight yet, but I’m really close, just 5 lbs to go, woohoo!  I’ll be super stoked if I can do it by Baby A’s first birthday, I think it’ll happen with no problem…


Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan, Part 2

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan Part 2…My third baby is about to be born (anytime now!), and I’m already preparing to get my postpartum weight loss underway.  Am I totally crazy?  Perhaps, but I actually find the weight loss process to be really fun, challenging and inspiring.  As a new Mom, it’s important to do something for yourself, and I think getting fit and healthy and exercising and shedding the no-longer-necessary pregnancy weight is a great thing to do for yourself…

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Addams Family Nursery

Addams Family Nursery…The Addams Family is an unusual theme for a baby nursery, but it’s perfect for our new little one! We are big lovers of Halloween, and I’m a particular fan of the Addams Family. I think I was Morticia for at least 3 Halloween’s in a row as a child, she’s my #momgoals and her and Gomez are my #couplegoals–they are so in love and romantic all the time…


Night Wean a Co-Sleeping Baby

Night Wean a Co-Sleeping Baby…My little baby boy has slept in my arms since the day he was born. It’s been the most beautiful, comforting and lovely experience to have this special time with him. During the day my attention is split between him and his toddler sister, so I felt like this one-on-one time was really good for him. But, all good things must come to an end and I decided it was time to night wean my co-sleeper…


Potty Training a Two Year Old Girl

Potty Training a Two Year Old Girl…We just potty trained our toddler girl in one week.  She was showing lots of signs of readiness, like absolutely hating having a wet cloth diaper and telling us whenever she was going pee, so we figured it was time.  We barricaded ourselves in the house with lots of paper towel and laundry detergent and got it done.  It actually wasn’t too bad, but I’m glad this week is over.  She seems to have nailed it!

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Dinos and Donuts 2nd Birthday Party for Baby J

Dinos and Donuts 2nd Birthday Party…My little girl recently turned two and we threw her a Dinosaurs and Donuts party!  She absolutely loves dinosaurs, and I absolutely love doughnuts, so it was a perfect combination. And it wasn’t even that hard to throw a dinosaur party with a feminine vibe…


Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan Results

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and a Exercise Program Results…The post pregnancy weight loss program is complete! Check out my before and after photos and tell me what you think–not bad, right? I’ve had some awesome results and I am excited to keep going with this momentum…