How to Look Sexy When You Feel Frumpy

How To Look Sexy When You Feel Frumpy…It’s hard being a new mom. Strike that, it’s hard being a mom, period! So many demands, so much to do, so many people to please and mouths to feed and things to clean. Last on the list is making yourself feel like the beautiful woman who got the attention of your man and began this whole motherhood thing in the first place. Days go by without doing your hair, or putting on makeup, stretching out with yoga, or even just getting dressed…


Postpartum Weight Loss Workouts: Week 3

Postpartum Weight Loss Workouts…It’s now week 3 of our postpartum weight loss plan and I thought it was time to talk about progress, or rather lack thereof. 

Even the most strict and dedicated person sticking to the plan perfectly isn’t going to lose weight every single week. Sometimes you’re up, hopefully more times you’re down, and quite often you’re exactly the same on the scale. We all know that our weight is a really poor indicator of how well we are truly doing, but it’s what we use nevertheless…


Postpartum Weight Loss Workouts: Week 2

Postpartum Weight Loss Workouts Week 2…We are starting week two of the postpartum diet and exercise routine, are you sick of the food yet?! I certainly am even though it’s all good healthy food. But nobody said it’d be easy, right? I’ve always liked the expression, “eat how you’ve always eaten and you’ll look how you’ve always looked.” I ate moderately during the pregnancy but I definitely did not say no to anything, so this restriction takes some adjustment for me, too…

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Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose the Baby Weight Fast: Month 1

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose the Baby Weight Fast: Month 1…Are you ready to lose the baby weight and shed those dreaded post pregnancy pounds?   I certainly am, and I am still 38 weeks pregnant!!