Woodland Unicorn 3rd Birthday Party for Baby A

Woodland Unicorn 3rd Birthday Party for Baby A…Despite how busy life is these days, my kids keep getting older and having the most wonderful birthday parties!  Baby A turned 3 this year, and she had just two requests: (1) a unicorn birthday party with (2) a rainbow cake.  Huh.  You guys know me, I am not one to do the standard, cliché, seen it a million times, typical theme birthday parties…so having to do yet another unicorn birthday was not really jiving with me.  If you recall, Baby J also wanted a unicorn party last year, but to be creative and different we went with a Zombie Unicorn theme; so, doing this more traditional party was a challenge.  But I think we pulled off something a little different than the average Pinterest/Google Images unicorn party…


Pop Art Lichtenstein Warhol Theme First Birthday Party for Baby C

Pop Art Lichtenstein Warhol Theme First Birthday Party for Baby C…Well it’s finally happened, we have left the baby stage of life! My youngest and final child has turned 1, and what a rambunctious and wonderful little toddler she is turning out to be. I had to throw a party suitable to her attitude: sweet, silly, loud, and free; pop art fit the bill perfectly…


Zombie Unicorn 6th Birthday Party for Baby J

Zombie Unicorn 6th Birthday Party for Baby J…When Baby J and I were discussing her 6th birthday party, she initially suggested a unicorn theme and I was kinda crushed…so cliché.  But we continued to brainstorm, and since she had been a skeleton unicorn for Halloween, she suggested a Zombie Unicorn Birthday Party and we both loved it!  An image search for inspiration didn’t turn up a lot of pictures, so I just did exactly what she instructed me to do…


New York City Themed 4th Birthday Party for Baby K

New York City Themed 4th Birthday Party for Baby K…Despite this awful pandemic, birthdays are still happening for my little babies and every year older is another year to celebrate! I know how lucky we are to be healthy and together, and I want to still have pleasant memories of these crazy times. So, when Baby K turned 4, I knew I had to come up with a way to give him a great birthday party while still being safe. The solution–a garage party! We pushed over the lawnmower and the camping gear, set up a beautiful dessert table and arranged the lawn chairs with lots of space between. We only invited a few of our adult friends, so it was easy to stay safe with the garage door open. Definitely a different setting than usual, but memorable and loads of fun nonetheless! And the New York City Theme turned out great, he loved those little paper taxi cabs…

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Frozen Fever 2nd Birthday Party for Baby A

Frozen Fever 2nd Birthday Party for Baby A…My sweet Baby A turned 2, and of course she wanted a Frozen Birthday. But, since her birthday falls in the summer, the last thing I wanted to do was another winter themed birthday party (check out the Frozen Winter Wonderland Birthday Party we threw for Baby J a few years ago), so my solution was to do a Frozen Fever Theme instead, and she loved it!


Nightmare Before Christmas 5th Birthday Party for Baby J

Nightmare Before Christmas 5th Birthday Party for Baby J…As you probably can tell, we are a Halloween family. Christmas and Thanksgiving and Easter and all the rest of the holidays are certainly fun, but there’s just something really wonderful about the spookiness of Halloween. It’s not about a big meal, large family gatherings that go on for weeks, or mountains of presents; it’s just making one day extra special, a bit thrilling, and totally memorable. In our house, it’s the Halloween family portrait that gets hung on the wall! So, when my little baby girl watched Nightmare Before Christmas this year and declared it was the theme for her 5th birthday party, I was delighted…


Space 3rd Birthday Party for Baby K

Space 3rd Birthday Party for Baby K…My little boy turned 3, and we threw him a Space Theme Party that he loved!  He is absolutely intrigued with all things astronomical: planets, stars, nebulae, astronauts, rocket ships…we have a beautiful “Universe: The Definitive Visual Guide” coffee table book that he asks us to read him constantly, which is actually awesome because we get to learn, too!  It was just a small party because we are following all social distancing regulations, but our government has allowed families to join into cohorts so we got to have a pair of grandparents and an aunty in person, plus another pair of grandparents via the iPad!  It was the perfect way to celebrate our growing boy and he loved it…


Palm Beach Theme First Birthday Party for Baby A

Palm Beach Theme First Birthday Party for Baby A…It’s hard to believe it, but my littlest baby girl turned 1!  Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic, we still wanted to celebrate her, however strange and unusual the circumstances may be. So, we threw together a socially distanced (i.e. no guests!) Palm Beach themed party for her, and it was fabulous…


Wizard of Oz 4th Birthday Party for Baby J

Wizard of Oz Birthday Party…My little girl turned 4, and at her sweet request, we had a Wizard of Oz birthday party. She’s had the Dorothy dress for a couple of years now, but what sealed the deal were those glittery ruby red slippers I found for her on post-Halloween 50% off clearance.   She calls them her “Ruby Reds” and wears them pretty much constantly.  It is ALWAYS dress up time in our house…


Inflatable Pool 2nd Birthday Party for Baby K

Inflatable Pool Birthday Party…My little boy turned two this summer, and even though I just had Baby A I still wanted to throw him a big, fun party with lots of baking and décor (sleep be damned!).  Even though we live near the beach, I decided it was much easier to have a backyard inflatable pool party than try to pack everybody and everything up, and it turned out perfect.  We celebrated Baby K turning two, but also my friends and family got to meet sweet newborn Baby A…