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Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose the Baby Weight Fast: Month 1

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose the Baby Weight Fast: Month 1…Are you ready to lose the baby weight and shed those dreaded post pregnancy pounds?   I certainly am, and I am still 38 weeks pregnant!!


Beauty Resolutions for 2017

Beauty Resolutions for 2017…New Year’s Resolutions are hard. They involve sacrifice, dedication, will power, hard work, and suffering. Why go through all that for weeks or months (because let’s be honest, most people make resolutions they don’t keep much longer than February). Why not resolve to do something for yourself that is fun, has immediate results, makes you look amazing, and helps you feel good about yourself? Now those are resolutions anybody can stick to!…


Bikini Competition Packing List

Bikini Competition Packing List…Your 12 week bikini contest prep is almost done. You’ve hit all your macros, you haven’t had any unprescribed cheat meals and you’re killing all your workouts. You’ve practiced posing and walking in those clear heels. Now all that’s left is to pack your bag for your first bikini competition! But what on earth do you need?…


20 Minute Cardio: My Favorite Way to Burn Calories

20 Minute Cardio: My Favorite Way to Burn Calories…If you’re trying to lose the baby weight (ahem, teenager weight?), those last ten pounds, improve your stamina and endurance, or train for a bikini competition, you have to do cardio. Ugh, dreaded cardio. But if you want to lose weight you just have to do it. What you don’t have to do is hours of boring, lame, slow, dull cardio…


YouTube Yogi Does Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training…I am a YouTube yogi. I have never taken a yoga class. Everything I know about asana I learned from the comfort of my living room. So the fact that I just finished my 200 hour teacher training may be shocking, but I can tell you that the Internet is actually an amazing yoga teacher!…