Arnold 2020 Bikini Predictions

Arnold 2020 Bikini Predictions…This Saturday, March 7, 2020 is the Bikini International Competition at the Arnold Sport’s Festival.  I cannot wait to see what’s going to happen!  There’s so much excitement, between Janet Layug the reigning champ, Elisa Pecini the Ms. Olympia, Angelica Teixeira the two time champion, the return of Justine Munro, and so many other extraordinary competitors.   It’s going to be amazing…

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Third Baby Postpartum Weight Loss Progress

Third Baby Postpartum Weight Loss Progress..It’s time for a postpartum weight loss update!  I’m not quite at my pre-pregnancy weight yet, but I’m really close, just 5 lbs to go, woohoo!  I’ll be super stoked if I can do it by Baby A’s first birthday, I think it’ll happen with no problem…


Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan, Part 2

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan Part 2…My third baby is about to be born (anytime now!), and I’m already preparing to get my postpartum weight loss underway.  Am I totally crazy?  Perhaps, but I actually find the weight loss process to be really fun, challenging and inspiring.  As a new Mom, it’s important to do something for yourself, and I think getting fit and healthy and exercising and shedding the no-longer-necessary pregnancy weight is a great thing to do for yourself…


Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan Results

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and a Exercise Program Results…The post pregnancy weight loss program is complete! Check out my before and after photos and tell me what you think–not bad, right? I’ve had some awesome results and I am excited to keep going with this momentum…


Postpartum Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose the Weight Fast: Month 3

Postpartum Diet and Exercise Plan…We buried my grandfather yesterday. My grandmother died in April, Baby C was born in July, and now Grandpa died this September.  I was very close with both of them. So, there have been a lot of strong emotions these last 5 months.  What does this have to do with Month 3 of the postpartum diet?  Quite a lot, actually…


Postpartum Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose the Weight Fast: Month 2

… Losing weight is hard. You’re battling your body but also your mind. Progress can be so slow that giving up feels like the only reasonable thing to do.  Now add in the postpartum factors–the stretched and soft belly, the sleepless nights, the anxiety and emotions, the utter exhaustion–and weight loss can really feel impossible… Continue reading Postpartum Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose the Weight Fast: Month 2


Postpartum Weight Loss Workouts: Week 4

Postpartum Weight Loss Workouts: Week 4…Sticking to a diet and exercise routine is extremely difficult, especially when temptation is constant and fatigue is heavy. The diet itself is easy, you just eat particular food. The workouts are challenging but they should at least be somewhat fun, and the endorphins should make you feel good. So it’s not the dieting or the workouts that make weight loss hard. It’s doing it long enough to see results that’s the tricky part…


Postpartum Weight Loss Workouts: Week 3

Postpartum Weight Loss Workouts…It’s now week 3 of our postpartum weight loss plan and I thought it was time to talk about progress, or rather lack thereof. 

Even the most strict and dedicated person sticking to the plan perfectly isn’t going to lose weight every single week. Sometimes you’re up, hopefully more times you’re down, and quite often you’re exactly the same on the scale. We all know that our weight is a really poor indicator of how well we are truly doing, but it’s what we use nevertheless…


Postpartum Weight Loss Workouts: Week 2

Postpartum Weight Loss Workouts Week 2…We are starting week two of the postpartum diet and exercise routine, are you sick of the food yet?! I certainly am even though it’s all good healthy food. But nobody said it’d be easy, right? I’ve always liked the expression, “eat how you’ve always eaten and you’ll look how you’ve always looked.” I ate moderately during the pregnancy but I definitely did not say no to anything, so this restriction takes some adjustment for me, too…