Zombie Unicorn 6th Birthday Party for Baby J

Zombie Unicorn Birthday Party Decor Food Cake Cookies
Zombie Unicorn Birthday Party Theme Food Cookies Cake Candy Punch
Zombie Unicorn Birthday Party Theme
Zombie Unicorn Birthday Party Cookies Cake Candy Decor
Zombie Unicorn Theme Party Cake Cone Horns
Zombie Unicorn Party Cake Popsicles
Zombie Unicorn Cake Birthday
Zombie Unicorn Birthday Cake Party

When Baby J and I were discussing her 6th birthday party, she initially suggested a unicorn theme and I was kinda crushed…so cliché.  But we continued to brainstorm, and since she had been a skeleton unicorn for Halloween, she suggested a Zombie Unicorn Birthday Party and we both loved it!  An image search for inspiration didn’t turn up a lot of pictures, so I just did exactly what she instructed me to do.

First of all, she wanted a “messy” chocolate zombie unicorn cake with green icing and boy, I nailed that one (hahah).  I had tried an icing recipe that had whipped cream and vanilla pudding in it, which tasted alright but had a wet consistency.  For the blood drips, I just used a glaze—like what you’d put on a coffee cake.  But by party time, the “blood” had, well, bled into the icing and was definitely a mess…perfect!  She loved it, so mission [unintentionally] accomplished.

The other specific request was the waffle corn unicorn horns and they were actually super tasty.  I made royal icing to decorate some zombie unicorn sugar cookies and had a lot left over, so that’s what I used to cover them before dumping on the sprinkles.  I had to break off the bottom of each cone to make them stand upright, and munching on those pieces with the royal icing was the best part of the party prep.

She also requested her favourite pink punch, my granny’s famous recipe with pink lemonade, raspberries and ginger ale, which was a repeat from last year’s Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday Party, too.  It’s a staple at all our family get togethers.

The Tovolo Zombies Ice Pop Molds were a surprise I found on Amazon just a few nights before her birthday, they are wicked!  I made them with Jell-O so that they would hold their shape, each one looks like a different zombie.  I need to come up with more ideas for using them in our everyday lives.

Rainbow fruit shish kabobs, cotton candy, unicorn gummies, and unicorn horn marshmallows rounded out the snacks, and almost everything was completely devoured by her schoolmates.  This was a special birthday for her because it was the first time we had a big shindig with her classmates.  Pizza, presents, dessert, and movies on the big screen with a million kids running around the house, it was WILD to say the least.  We followed all the pandemic rules and had to limit the adults in attendance, so for most of the party it was just me and my best friend who came as the official photographer but also acted as moral support for me–we both felt such relief when my husband finally arrived! 

Zombie Unicorn Birthday Party

It was delightful having J be involved in the party planning, and I love that she will have such special memories of her birthday with her friends.  But, I learned a valuable lesson for next time: do all the treats and decorations, but invite all my adults friends and just a handful of children!



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