Adamstown, Pennsylvania, Antique Trip Day 2: Time Matters Antiques, Adams Antiques, Stoudtburg Village, Plum Pudding Antiques, and Heritage Antique Center

Before the pandemic, I went on an Antique trip to Adamstown, Pennsylvania, with my Mom and my four month old baby, and it was the highlight of my adult life! Seriously, an entire long weekend of antique shopping was literally the best thing my Mom and I have ever done together. We are both so nostalgic for that weekend and can’t wait to do it again when the world goes back to normal!

Click here to read about Day 1: Mad Hatter Antique Mall and Pine Hills Antique Mall and I’ll be back later to update with links for Day 3 and Day 4!

Day two:

I tried not to over schedule each day, but instead to plan for one store in the morning and a second in the afternoon, with a potential third if there was time. Well, day two turned out to have a couple surprises, as we found a secret and unexpected gem in the afternoon, and we were able to get to even more places than expected by the end of the day. But first, my obligatory selfie in our hotel bathroom with the turquoise polka dots, so appropriate!

Adamstown Pennsylvania Time Matters Heritage Antique Center Stoudtburg Village Plum Pludding Adams Antiques Turquoise Toffee

Right at opening hours, we started our day at Time Matters Antiques, and what a cool place it was! It had a lot of unique things we didn’t see anywhere else on our entire trip, like movie memorabilia, vending machines, gas station stuff, and so many old signs. There was even an entire display case of US presidential souvenirs, which was really fun to look at! The walls were lined with art, old signs and advertisements and there were lots of cool side rooms and hallways, expertly arranged. Time Matters was set up much differently than the other stores we went to; I didn’t feel like I was walking past booths owned by different vendors but rather it felt like one big cohesive store with sections and themes and with one lovely and very knowledgeable man at the front counter. For example, there was a whole area filled with metal lunch boxes, and another whole area with old dolls, whereas at an antique mall you’d have to go searching through each booth to find those things. We loved it! It was a great start to our day.

Here are some pictures of some of the items we saw in Time Matters Antiques, it was awesome!

Time Matters Antiques Pennsylvania
Time Matters Antiques Pepsi Coca Cola Vending Machine
Time Matters Antiques Pin Ball Machine
Time Matters Antiques Vintage Turquoise Melamine Dishes
Time Matters Antiques Vintage Metal Toy Trucks
Time Matters Antiques Vintage Ford Roadster Toy Car
Time Matters Antiques Vintage Metal Toy Cars
Time Matters Antiques Vintage Turquoise Melamine Dishes
Time Matters Antiques Mary Poppins Lunch Box
Time Matters Antiques Men Women Sign Mid Century Modern

We finished up at Time Matters a little faster than planned, so we were able to check out a second store before lunch. We headed straight to Heritage Antique Center, and it did not disappoint! One thing I noticed in particular was the beautiful sunshine streaming in through the windows, this store just was pleasant to be in! It was extremely tidy and well organized and obviously well taken care of. There were a lot of kitchen items like dishes and vases and bakeware, but also around the corner was an amazing collection of old war items. I was so impressed by the selection, and I found myself a mint condition set of Butterprint Pyrex Cinderellas at an amazing price, so I was particularly satisfied. The staff was attentive and the music was great, it was so much fun in there!

Here are some pictures of the lovely Heritage Antique Center, I think you’ll notice how beautifully arranged everything is, just delightful!

Heritage Antique Center Pennsylvania
Heritage Antique Center Rustic Kitchen Farmhouse Dishes
Heritage Antique Center Vintage Christmas Decor Kitchenwares Dishes
Heritage Antique Center Vintage Glass Fenton Pyrex Milk Glass Dishes Kitchenwares
Heritage Antique Center Vintage Glass Tumblers
Heritage Antique Center Vintage Kitchen Dishes Casserole Turquoise Christmas Angels
Heritage Antique Center Vintage Star Trek Next Generation Worf Data Figures

After visiting these two amazing stores, it was time to feed and change the baby and have a little rest ourselves, so we headed to our next planned stop where we had expected to stay for the remainder of the day: Stoudtburg Village. This is a neighbourhood in Adamstown built to look like Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a village in Germany. A few of the houses have shops on the main floor, and we were expecting to have enough to see to fill up the afternoon. Unfortunately, there were not as many shops as we expected, and most of them were closed! But, it was lovely to walk around and get some beautiful fresh fall air with the baby, and we found a great German restaurant for lunch, The Village Haus at Stoudtburg Village–of course we got the pretzel!

Here are some photos of the quaint and picturesque Stoudtburg Village, it was beautiful and very quiet!

Stoudtburg Village Pennsylvania
Stoudtburg Village Adamstown Pennsylvania 6
Stoudtburg Village Adamstown Pennsylvania 5
Stoudtburg Village Adamstown Pennsylvania 4
Stoudtburg Village Adamstown Pennsylvania 3
Stoudtburg Village Adamstown Pennsylvania 2
Stoudtburg Village Adamstown Pennsylvania 1

As we were leaving the Village, we noticed a store that was open and decided to go in, and boy are we glad we did. This place turned out to be one of the highlights of our entire trip, it was incredible! The shop was called Plum Pudding Antiques, Etc. and it is FILLED to the brim with some of the most beautiful things we saw that entire weekend, and so many dolls! The owners of this shop are like museum curators and every single item has been cleaned and restored and is in pristine condition, you would hardly know you were looking at a pair of gloves or a baby bonnet or a christening gown or socks with a hand embroidered date all from the 19th Century, everything looked absolutely incredible. And, what made this shop even more memorable and amazing was that the owner took us on a personal tour. She showed us so many special items and explained their significance and age and how she restored them. Her store is so well known for its exquisite quality and hat selection that she actually supplies hats for television and movie costumes! Mom and I were dazzled. And then…she took us across the street and showed us a SECOND location with even more stunning items. And once I saw their store and their style of arrangement and display, it was easy to recognize their items in other antique malls, too.

Here are some pictures of Plum Pudding Antiques, Etc., an absolute treasure!

Plum Pudding Antiques Pennsylvania
Plum Pudding Antiques Vintage Dolls Hats Baby Clothing
Plum Pudding Antiques Vintage Hats Dolls
Plum Pudding Antiques Vintage Dolls Baby Clothing
Plum Pudding Antiques Vintage Hats Dolls Baby Clothing
Plum Pudding Antiques Vintage Baby Hat Dolls

Our final store of the day was Adams Antiques, and we wished we had more time, there was so much to see! This place is massive. There are rows and rows of glass display cases as you enter the store with such a variety of items. Then in the middle of the store there are larger than typical areas for the vendors, each having an individual space you can walk right into. There were so many aisles, it was seemingly never ending! There were plenty of large items like furniture and outdoor Christmas decorations, too, and sometimes the shelves had items up to the ceiling! It was incredible. My Mom was interested in a quilt and the vendor happened to be there working on his display, so he was available to answer her questions and tell us all about it. That was magical–there is something so special being able to talk to the people who are so passionate and knowledgeable about their work. This vendor in particular had a large collection of Japanese antiques and they were displayed beautifully with kimonos and vases and dishes, it was amazing being in his little corner of the mall. What was neat about Adams Antiques was how much variety there was in the vendors and their areas, some were meticulous while others just piled everything in that they could and you’d have to go digging. It was so fun!

Here are just a few pictures of some of the turquoise things I spotted in Adams Antiques, amazing!

Adams Antiques Pennsylvania
Adams Antiques Celluloid Bunny Coin Purse Aqua Turquoise
Adams Antiques Consolidated Lamp and Glass Co. Guttate Salt Pepper Aqua Turquoise
Adams Antiques Glass Dishes
Adams Antiques Vintage Toy Cars Blue Turquoise
Adams Antiques Deco Woman Fashion Display
Adams Antiques Vintage Farmhouse Kitchenwares
Adams Antiques Vintage Collegville Costume Lion Mask
Adams Antiques Vintage Aqua Foo Dogs

We stayed at Adams Antiques right until closing, then exhaustedly went for supper at Riviera Pizza and Italian Restaurant where we had the most insanely huge portions of pasta! Then it was back to the hotel room to cuddle the baby and get some rest…but, not before I did a little research. I had been seeing the same things over and over again that I had never seen before and wanted to know more about them, I was very intrigued. Head over to my Instagram to see what it was, I took lots of pictures whenever I saw one. *hint–it involves a farm animal!

Stay tuned for my recap of Day 3 of our Adamstown, Pennyslvania Antique Trip!


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