2021 Olympia Women’s Events Results

It was the biggest weekend of the year for fans–and the athletes–of the IFBB Pro League, the 2021 Olympia. There were some crazy unexpected results, a few returning champs and a few new champions, not to mention a first ever Wellness winner. I’ve got a recap for each division, click on the picture below to watch each video. And don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube, as I’m faster getting things up over there than I am over here!

2021 Olympia Fitness Results
2021 Olympia Figure Results
2021 Olympia Womens Physique Results
2021 Olympia Women's Bodybuilding Ms Olympia Results
2021 Olympia Wellness Results
2021 Olympia Bikini Results

I can’t believe it’s over and we are already into the 2022 qualification period. Already there are more competitions happening this weekend, so stay tuned for the recaps!


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