Female Olympian Physique Updates

A few weeks ago I did a video showcasing physique updates from the top three 2020 Olympians in each division, and this week I thought it was time to look at physique updates from the 4th, 5th and 6th place winners. It’s really fun to hear the feedback from the judges regarding the placings, and it is even more fun watching the athletes train and adjust their physiques to comply with that feedback. The offseason is really a spectacular time of change and it’s awesome when the ladies take us along with them (but also totally reasonable for them to keep it private, too; to each his own!).

Click on the picture below to watch my YouTube video of the physique updates from the 4th, 5th and 6th place 2020 Olympia winners in each division:

Female Olympian Physique Updates Angelica Teixeira, Ariel Khadr, Nicole Zenobia Graham, Barbara Menage, Mayla Ash and More

And in case you missed it, you can click this link to find the video of the physique updates of the top three 2020 Olympia winners.

…and as of tomorrow, I am 40 weeks pregnant, today is the eve of my due date, ahh! Whether I’ll be able to squeeze in one more post remains to be seen!


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