How to Become an IFBB Pro in 2021

I thought it was time to examine the rules of how to go from an amateur in the NPC and NPC Worldwide to getting a Pro Card with the IFBB Pro League in 2021. There are different rules governing different contests, and different rules governing different countries, so the take-away of my examination is to read the rules very (VERY!) carefully–and get clarification from the promoters or your local league branch if things aren’t quite clear. The typical first step after registering with the NPC is to compete in a national qualifier and hopefully place top 5. For the NPC Worldwide, the typical first step is to compete in a regional show, though there are some changes to the rules due to the craziness of the pandemic.

Click on the picture below to watch my video on How to Become an IFBB Pro in 2021 for both the NPC USA and the NPC Worldwide, and let me know in the comments if you’re able to answer any of the questions I encountered.

How to Become IFBB Pro 2021

And yes, I’m still pregnant, but not for much longer!


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