Olympia 2021 Qualification Rules and Physique Updates

The IFBB Pro League just released the rules for qualifying for the 2021 Olympia in Bikini, Wellness, Fitness, Figure, Women’s Physique, and Women’s Bodybuilding and I could not be more excited! It’s great to have confirmation of exactly how the points will be distributed, especially for the new Wellness division. We still don’t know when or where the Olympia will be and when the qualification period will end, but that’s ok since it’s the currently off season for our favourite athletes anyway.

I’ve actually made TWO separate videos. This one discusses the new 2021 Olympia Qualification System Rules and recaps who is currently qualified for the 2021 Olympia in each women’s division. Click on the picture below to watch:

The second video was posted last week–make sure you’re subscribed on YouTube so you don’t miss the notifications–showing physique updates of the top three 2020 Olympians in each category. Click on the picture below to watch:

Even in the off season it’s still so fun to keep an eye on these female athletes. I will be back with more fitness videos in between posts about my final few weeks of pregnancy, it’s exciting around here for so many reasons!


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