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IFBB Iron Games 2020 Pro Bikini Results

Two competitions happened this weekend, the 2020 Musclecontest IFBB Iron Games Pro Bikini show, and the IFBB Wings of Strength Romania Muscle Fest Pro. What an exciting weekend for women’s bodybuilding! And, the Olympia made an announcement that they are moving the 2020 venue from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada, to Orlando, Florida–what a huge accomplishment to move the world’s biggest bodybuilding show with a month to go, how spectacular! I’m so happy that shows are able to continue happening despite the craziness in the world right now.

Click on the picture below to watch my 2020 Iron Games Pro Bikini recap, and stay tuned for my Romania Muscle Fest Pro recap coming very soon.

IFBB Iron Games 2020 Pro Bikini Results

Also coming right away is my 2020 Olympia Predictions video–I’ve had a couple requests for it, so I think you will all enjoy! And I’ll be doing a pregnancy post sooner than later, too, it’s flying by. Stay tuned, it’s getting super exciting around her!


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