Adamstown, Pennsylvania, Antique Trip Day 1: Mad Hatter Antique Mall and Pine Hills Antique Mall

So, before the pandemic started, my Mom, 4-month-old Baby A and I went on a trip.  The most amazing trip, ever!  We flew to Pennsylvania to literally do nothing more than go antique shopping.  Seriously.  It was amazing.  We hit up multiple stores a day, all of them filled with more vintage goodies than we had ever seen in our lives, let alone in a single store!  It was absolutely incredible. 

I have been sitting on these trip photos because, well, covid came and it just didn’t feel right to be posting about travel.  But now that it’s been so long since I’ve gone out of my house, let alone shopping, I find myself daydreaming about the trip and missing those antique stores.  And also feeling so grateful we went when we did before all the travel bans and madness set in! I don’t know how these wonderful shops have had to alter their business practices to comply with social distancing rules.  But I hope that if anybody is able to travel to Adamstown, Pennsylvania, to go shopping, that my series of posts here are informative and entertaining!

I know I’ve been posting a lot of fitness stuff lately, and I do NOT plan on stopping!  But I thought this little series of blog posts might be fun to toss in between contest recaps here and there.   

Day one:

Alright, Day 1 of our epic antiquing adventure in Adamstown, Pennsylvania begins!  We arrived the night before and ordered ourselves a Philly Cheesesteak Pizza which was amazing, and gave us plenty of leftovers for Day 1’s lunch.  We stayed at the Tru by Hilton Denver Hotel which was in a perfect location and had lovely and very helpful staff, especially Linda! And, the bathroom had TURQUOISE POLKA DOTS, absolutely ideal for selfies, check me out!

Mad Hatters and Pine Hills Antiques Turquoise Toffee

We woke up bright and early and the first store we went to right at opening hour was Mad Hatter Antique Mall, and it was probably our favourite store of the entire trip!  It had such a variety of vintage things, from dishes to furniture to clothing to sleigh bells…really there was something exciting and unique at every booth.  Just when you thought you had seen the whole place, there was a side room with even more goodies.  It was amazing.  The store was laid out really nicely, they had great music playing, and the staff were always close by to help but didn’t hover.  I found some great Life magazines with Jacquie Kennedy and an antique curling iron—the type you’d put into the fire to heat up, so cool!   

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of how amazing Mad Hatter Antique Mall was, so much to see!

Mad Hatters Antiques Turquoise Folding Table Chairs Set
Mad Hatters Antiques Mid Century Modern Cat Poodle Pebble Art
Mad Hatters Antiques Vintage Aqua Turquoise Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters
Mad Hatters Antiques Vintage Whitman's Loveliness Chocolates
Mad Hatters Antiques Vintage Lenox Spice Village Jars
Mad Hatters Antiques Mid Century Modern Cocktail Art Turquoise Gold
Mad Hatters Antiques Vintage Kitchenware
Mad Hatters Antiques Lighting Kitchen Furniture

We decided to go back to the hotel to enjoy that leftover pizza for lunch, do a diaper change, and I nursed little Baby A, who was an angel the entire trip, I must add!  This was a great idea for lunch because it gave us a chance to sit and rest, yet we were able to be in and out quickly and move on to the next store.  We wanted to give ourselves a good chunk of time at every store we chose, and even with careful planning we still managed to be the first ones in and the last ones out!

The second store for Day 1 was Pine Hills Antique Mall, and it did not disappoint!  The building itself is very beautiful, with exposed wood beams in the ceiling and lots of wood shelving.  They had an entire wall of beautiful Pyrex, I was awe struck!  They had a wide variety of booths with most things out and touchable, which is always nice from a shopper’s perspective.  Again, we noticed the great music playing on the radio and the very sweet, kind, and helpful staff who wanted to tell us everything about Lancaster County.  It was a real treat!  I noticed I was looking up a lot, as things were up on the highest level of the shelves.  I found a Dorothy doll from the Wizard of Oz, complete with Toto and basket, for my little 4 year old at home; it was a great find!  Mom and I had a system of starting on the perimeter of the store and working our way around the outside, then we moved into the middle shelves.   

Here are some pictures of Pine Hills Antique Mall so you can get a feel for the place, it was awesome!

Pine Hills Antiques Adamstown Pennsylvania
Pine Hills Antiques Fenton Blue Aqua Clear Opalescent Glass Hobnail Dishes
Pine Hills Antiques Vintage Hazel Atlas Aqua Blue Crinoline Ripple Plates
Pine Hills Antiques Fenton Blue Aqua Clear Opalescent Glass Hobnail Dishes
Pine Hills Antiques Vintage Fiestaware Pitchers
Pine Hills Antiques Vintage Japanese Geisha Porcelain Figurines

We left Pine Hills right as they were closing, it was a full day of shopping.  Then we went out for supper and headed back to the hotel to put the baby down to sleep and get some rest ourselves for our next busy day of antiquing in Adamstown!  Stay tuned for my Day 2 recap.


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