IFBB Bikini Klash Championships 2020 Results

Wow, what an amazing competition we had yesterday, the 2020 IFBB Bikini Pro World Klash Championships. We saw not one, but TWO former Ms. Olympia’s competing: Ashley Kaltwasser and Erin Stern! We also got to see a whole bunch of professional bikini athletes we’ve been watching carefully over the summer. It was a tremendous show with almost 40 IFBB pros, unbelievable!

Click the picture below to watch my video recapping the show and discussing what the results mean for qualifying for the 2020 Olympia.

IFBB Bikini Klash Championships 2020 Results

Stay tuned for another video recapping next week’s THREE competitions where we’ll get to see bikini, figure, women’s physique and women’s bodybuilding! An exciting end to the summer of competitions.

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