Upcoming IFBB Pro Women’s Events 2020

Ok, guys, this is it, the moment we have all been waiting for…contest season is here!  The first Bikini Pro Shows of the summer are happening this weekend, with Wellness, Figure, Fitness, Women’s Physique and Women’s Bodybuilding not far behind!  There is so much going on in the next two months, I thought I’d make a quick video telling you all the competitions that are happening for your favourite categories.  Be sure to come back here for my video recaps talking about the placings and what the results mean for Olympia!

Click on the picture below to watch the video; have a pencil handy to mark all these dates onto your calendars!  It’s going to be a great summer full of competitions.

Upcoming IFBB Pro Women's Events 2020

Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube if you haven’t already–I’ll be posting regularly all summer long with recap videos.  Stay tuned!



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