Ms. Fitness Olympia 2020 Preview

Competition season is almost upon us once again, it is so exciting to see everyone getting ready for Peak Week!  I cannot wait to see who qualifies for the coveted Olympia athlete spots.  As we continue waiting, I thought I’d give a preview of what is probably the MOST exciting category of them all this year, Women’s Fitness.

Ms. Fitness Olympia is already an exciting category simply for the amazing performances we get to witness.  Not only are the physiques of these women out of this world, they also entertain us with the most insanely athletic and high energy fitness routines.  This year is particularly exciting, first because of all the waiting we have had to do, but also because of the top competitors who are already qualified!  I’m talking about previous Olympia winners, previous Arnold winners, and even a couple comeback veteran Ms Fitness Olympians!  Click the picture below to watch the video:

ms. fitness olympia 2020 preview

Let me know in the comment section if there’s any topic you’re hoping to see before contest coverage begins!


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