Bikini & Wellness Posing Rules

Even though there are no competitions happening right now, I still have my head in the contest clouds thinking about all the women’s categories, especially the new Wellness League!  The Wellness league competitors are just like bikini competitors but with more muscle mass in the legs, hips and glutes, and I am beyond excited to watch the new professionals challenge each other in the upcoming Pro Shows!  But first, I wanted to look at the differences between the NPC, IFBB, IFBB Pro, and Elite Pro IFBB Wellness and Bikini posing rules.

Of course, there are much (much) more important things happening in the world and in our communities and to our neighbours and our families right now than bodybuilding competitions.  The stress we are all facing is incredible; worry for health, finances, the future, our children, our parents…it’s a lot to handle.  I have been handling it in my own way by being extra dedicated to my diet and fitness–because in this madness there is almost nothing I can control, but I can control what I eat (from what we’ve been able to find in the pillaged stores) and how I treat my body.  So, when I allow my mind to wander to lighter things, it goes to bodybuilding competitions…or baking hahah!

Click on the picture to watch my explanation of the Bikini & Wellness Posing Rules for the NPC, IFBB, IFBB Pro and Elite Pro IFBB, and please comment if there are any other leagues I should look into and showcase in a future video!

bikini & wellness posing rules

And for anyone out there who’s competition has been cancelled, stay strong!  It’s extra time for muscle gains and posing practice!



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