Arnold 2020 Fitness Recap

The Arnold Fitness International has a new champion for 2020, Missy Truscott!  Missy absolutely dominated, her physique was incredible and her fitness routine really was amazing.  I am in awe of all these women for the amount of work that goes into their sport.  Not only are they judged on their physiques, they also have to perform seriously athletic fitness routines–while carb depleted!  It’s truly unbelievable what they are capable of.

While, of course, I could sing nothing but praise for days, I have put together a video explaining why I think each woman placed where she did.  Click on the picture to watch, and comment if you agree with me!

Arnold 2020 Fitness Recap

I’ll be coming back next with my final recap, Women’s Physique!  Click these links to see my recaps of the 2020 Figure International and Bikini International.



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