Arnold 2020 Figure Recap

The Arnold Figure International has a new champion for 2020, Natalia Soltero!  This was such a good competition, I was blown away by so many of the competitors and can’t believe how muscular yet graceful these ladies are!  It’s really inspiring and definitely motivates me to lift heavy in the gym.

While it is hard to be critical of anything about any of these women, I have put together a video explaining why I think everyone placed the way they did.  Click on the picture to watch and let me know in the comments if you agree with my reasoning.

Arnold 2020 Figure Recap

Half of my Top 6 Prediction was right on–I got the top 3, pretty good!

I’ll be back next with a recap of Physique and Fitness, so stay tuned, and click to see my Bikini recap.



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