Wizard of Oz 4th Birthday Party for Baby J

wizard of oz birthday party

wizard of oz birthday party

wizard of oz birthday party

wizard of oz birthday party

wizard of oz birthday party

wizard of oz birthday party

Pin the Heart on the Tin Man

Pin the Heart on the Tin Man

wizard of oz birthday party invitation

wizard of oz birthday party invitation bingo

My little girl turned 4, and at her sweet request, we had a Wizard of Oz birthday party. She’s had the Dorothy dress for a couple of years now, but what sealed the deal were those glittery ruby red slippers I found for her on post-Halloween 50% off clearance.   She calls them her “Ruby Reds” and wears them pretty much constantly.  It is ALWAYS dress up time in our house!

We did a lot of Pinterest and Google Image searches to get inspiration for the party, she picked everything.  We tried to incorporate a snack or decoration for each character and even the loot bags and games, it all turned out so cute!  Here’s what we did for each character:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: we did a backdrop of paper streamers and balloons, a fruit tray, Skittles candies, Mini Chips Ahoy Rainbow Chip Cookies, and cupcakes in rainbow papers with rainbow sprinkles.  We also made rainbow bead necklaces and bracelets, and everyone got a sheet of rainbow stickers in their loot bag.

Wicked Witch: we had green punch (made with Jell-o!), the cake topper was a DIY I made from cardstock and glitter which sat on a green layer of melted white chocolate, and some broomsticks made from string cheese and pretzels.

Tin Man: we used silver Hershey’s Kisses as his hat, and I made the Pin The Heart on the Tin Man game by just freehand drawing it based on this cute picture by Flying Mouse 365 then painting it with the kid’s paints.  It was so much fun and we left it hanging on the wall for at least two weeks!

Scarecrow: we had Bugle chips as his hat, Hickory Sticks as his straw, and my actual scarecrow from outside (purchased years ago from Michael’s).

Lion: we had some Animal Crackers (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!), and I used my lion head soup bowls.

Yellow Brick Road: we had a bowl of Yellow Starburst Candies and the buttercream icing on the birthday cake.

Munchkins: I had just a few cake pops (they’re like munchkin cakes, right?!) and some big lollipops to “represent the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild…”

Dorothy and Toto: by now you know my obsession with antiques and vintage items, and I found the old Dorothy Doll with her basket and Toto at an antique store in Pennsylvania (more about that whole trip is coming soon!).  The two vintage books were my mother’s when she was a child.  And, of course, the birthday girl was Dorothy with her own basket and Toto!

Glinda: in the loot bag, all the kids got a bubble wand along with all the candies mentioned above. But the real Glinda of the party was actually me!  I wore my Granny’s dress from the 1980s complete with shoulder pads and rhinestones with my sparkly wedding shoes, made myself a wand and crown, curled my hair and did sparkly makeup.  Baby J was so surprised when she saw me, she kept saying, “Mama, are you Glinda?”

The final two DIYs were the pop-up card invitation and the Bingo game. I had intended to just make a few bingo sheets for the kids, but Baby J insisted EVERYONE needed to play together…so what began as a small quick project turned into hours of drawing to make the bingo sheets hahah. Nobody had the heart to colour their sheets after how long it took me to make them; they insisted I keep them forever and instead used rainbow beads as markers!  So sweet.  I drew the front of the card based on a cute picture I found doing a Google Image Search which I’m fairly certain was from Jeffrey Metzner’s book, “Stick: Great Moments in Art, History, Film and More…”

We all had so much fun and J still talks about her Dorothy birthday. Now to relax a little before planning begins for the next kid’s party–feels like it’s always somebody’s birthday in this house! 

ps. You can read about why I almost never post pictures of my kid’s faces here.

wizard of oz birthday party



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      1. Surprising everyone with our Glinda getup sounds like the icing on the cake. You are very imaginative and industrious. I’m am very impressed.

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