Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan, Part 2

My third baby is about to be born (anytime now!), and I’m already preparing to get my postpartum weight loss underway.  Am I totally crazy?  Perhaps, but I actually find the weight loss process to be really fun, challenging and inspiring.  As a new Mom, it’s important to do something for yourself, and I think getting fit and healthy and exercising and shedding the no-longer-necessary pregnancy weight is a great thing to do for yourself.

I am going to be doing the exact same program I designed and used after Baby #2.  You can find the diet plan here and the first week of workouts here.  I’ve filmed a short video explaining what I’m going to do differently this time, click on the pic below to watch!

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan Free

As I say in the video, I will be making three modifications to the diet based on how things went last time.  Here’s the recap:

one: remove Snack 3 and replace it with a Fab Four Smoothie.  I find that there is just way too much chicken in this diet, 12 oz is really a lot!  Plus, it was hard to get in all six meals last time, I was always combining them to get them all in by the end of the day.  A smoothie is a great alternative since it is fast to make and eat and contains all the macronutrients I need.  The smoothie recipe I am using is from the book, “Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself From Food Drama Forever” by Kelly LeVeque and it’s her original Fab Four Green Smoothie:

Green Smoothie by Kelly LeVeque:

1 serving vanilla protein powder (I am using unflavoured 100% whey protein)

0.25 avocado or 2 tbsp coconut oil (I am using 1 tbsp coconut oil)

2 tbsp chia seeds (I am using 2 tbsp flax seeds because I have a huge bag I need to use!)

Handful of spinach (I am using 1 cup)

2 cups unsweetened nut milk (I am using unsweetened almond milk)

two: add coconut water.  I’ve heard coconut water is great for breastfeeding, plus it will be a little treat every day.  Make sure you get water, not milk, and look for one that is pure coconut rather than sweetened with sugar.

three: prioritize sleep.  There is nothing more important than sleep when you’re trying to lose weight; not sleeping is the best way to self sabotage.  I’m going to set a mandatory curfew for myself and really make an effort to sleep as much as I can with a preschooler, a toddler, and a newborn (oh boy…).

I don’t know exactly when I will get started as this little past due baby needs to be birthed still, and I will need some recovery time before getting back into exercise.  So, in the mean time I will eliminate all the sweets and sugar and clean up my diet in general so that I am ready to go when I am ready to go!  I hope you will be doing it along with me, or following along in my journey.  If you have any questions, please comment below.  Otherwise, see you in three months for the before and after!



3 thoughts on “Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan, Part 2

  1. Great video. You are so smiley and animated that I felt better watching and listening to you. Your postpartum plan sounds sound.

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