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Addams Family Nursery


Addams Family Nursery

Addams Family Nursery

Addams Family Nursery

Addams Family Baby Room

Addams Family Nursery

Addams Family Theme Baby Room

Addams Family Theme Baby Room

Addams Family Theme Baby Room

Addams Family Nursery

Addams Family Theme Baby Room

Addams Family Theme Baby Room

Addams Family Theme Room

Addams Family Baby Room

Addams Family Baby Room

Addams Family Theme Room

Addams Family Baby Room

Addams Family Baby Room

The Addams Family is an unusual theme for a baby nursery, but it’s perfect for our new little one! We are big lovers of Halloween, and I’m a particular fan of the Addams Family. I think I was Morticia for at least 3 Halloween’s in a row as a child, she’s my #momgoals and her and Gomez are my #couplegoals–they are so in love and romantic all the time!

Halloween is a big deal in our neighborhood; last year we had 1,400 trick-or-treaters…you read that right, 1,400! That’s not including the couple hundred we missed by going trick-or-treating ourselves for an hour!

I was inspired by our neighborhood’s Halloween spirit (even though we are having a spring baby any day now!) and my love of the Addams Family movies and tv series. There are elements in the room from both the tv show and the movies. I hadn’t even realized there is an animated movie coming out soon, what perfect timing–perhaps I can find something from the new movie to add to the picture ledge!

I watched the Addams Family Values and took pictures of the nursery Gomez made for Morticia. My favourite was the art on the wall of the big fish eating the smaller fish, so I just freehand painted it on canvas, though I made it a bit less sinister and a bit more cute!

Addams Family Baby Room

Another DIY project was the quote, “You’re dearer to me than all the bats in all the caves in the world.” Morticia says that to Gomez in the 1960s tv show. I found a free Addams Family font online, traced it onto black paper using the wax paper transfer method and coloured it in with a white pencil crayon. Super easy and it turned out perfectly!

A third DIY project was the Cousin It. For that one, I took a pickle jar and hot glued Auburn coloured yarn over the top in layers until it was thick. I already had the little top hat (it’s a fascinator from the Dollar Store) and just cut out the sunglasses from black felt.

The handknit Addams Family Romper with three legs is something I had commissioned by CJsHandknits when I was pregnant with the first baby in 2015 (see what I mean about loving the Addams Family?!), and now it’s available on Etsy for purchase! The Wednesday dress is just a little black baby dress I bought on eBay and added a white collar to. So easy!

All the framed Addams Family pictures are high definition images I found using Google Image searches. And then there are my maternity photo shoot pictures, which you can see more of on my previous post all about our Winter Mountain Lake Photo Shoot. The black dress was an homage to Morticia, what do you think?

The Autographed photo of Wednesday Addams signed by Christina Ricci was pretty special. We got it at the Comic Expo while on the Babymoon, it was so cool to meet and talk to her! I told her about the nursery and she asked what we will be naming the baby. We did tell her, and you get a clue by the two initials on the picture ledge; one letter if it’s a girl and the other if it’s a boy. Any guesses?!

There are also a lot of special sentimental items in the room, from the crochet baby blanket I made and the much nicer one a dear friend crocheted, the rocking chair my parents got us for Baby #2, a wooden end table from my grandparents that my brother and I used to play inside of, a beautiful mirror given to us as a wedding present, a pair of vintage baby shoes from the 1920s, and a Ralph Lauren teddy bear for taking monthly growth pictures with baby.

Now that the room is done, all that’s left is to fill it with newborn baby snuggles! Any day now, baby (*snap, snap*)!!


Square floating shelves: Amazon

White chair: Home Sense

Babyletto Harlow 3-in-1 Convertible Acrylic Crib: West Coast Kids

Organic Star Crib Fitted Sheet: Pottery Barn Kids

A Day in Paris Chandelier Mobile: Party City

Fish Eating Fish Art: DIY

Addams Family Three Legged Baby Romper: by CJsHandknits on Etsy

Wednesday Addams Baby Dress: DIY plus eBay

Quilt Rack: Bombay Company

Melissa and Doug Giant Giraffe: Amazon

Polar Bear Blanket: Cabela’s (no longer available)

Crochet Blanket: DIY

Everston Swivel Glider Recliner Rocking Chair: West Coast Kids

Picture Ledges: Ikea

Hanging Basket: Ikea

Wooden end table: vintage

Gulliver Change Table: Ikea

Camera: Olympus O-MD E-M10 Mark II with 14-42mm IIR lens


3 thoughts on “Addams Family Nursery

  1. 1400 trick or treaters is impressive. We have had a total of zero trick or treaters in the past 36 years. I think our property is too dark and scary. Plus we have real ghosts and monsters like La Llarona and Chupacarbra hanging around. I like the Adams Family theme. It’s very cool

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Some of the staff at the office get really into halloween and do elaborate costumes. Our programmer, who’s 6’4″ makes a really good Lurch. We have friends who live in town that their block goes all out decorating their houses for halloween. It’s quite something to see.


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