Third Pregnancy Bump Comparison Part 1

Just when we were getting the swing of life with 2 under 2, we are adding another baby to the mix, #3under4 here we come!  Our spacing turned out pretty fantastic—there are 19 months between Baby J and Baby K, and there will be 22 months (or less!) between Baby K and Baby #3.  We aren’t finding out the sex because we have a girl and a boy, so we have everything we could need either way.

The neutral nursery is under way, it’s a very unusual theme for a baby room but you’ll love it!  Other than that, I haven’t done any preparations since all there really is to do is wash all those tiny newborn clothes and blankets!  I would like to crochet a blanket and a hat and make a little garland of their name to hang on the bassinet, but there’s still plenty of time for that (or maybe I’m delusional!?!).

First trimester with the third baby has been tougher than before.  I would still say that I have really lovely, easy, glowing, sparkly pregnancies without any complications, which I am so very grateful for.  However, this time around I have been tired.  Really tired.  Like, really really tired.  There were times I put the kids down at 7pm and by 7:30pm I was fast asleep myself.  Whether this fatigue is because I am pregnant or because I have an infant and a toddler I cannot say, I’m sure it all contributes!  But that’s honestly my only complaint.  Not bad, right?

I tried to stay active as much as possible despite being so tired.  I even ran a Halloween 10k race at 9 weeks!  But after that point sleep took priority over training and I did a lot more resting than I did exercising.  We also moved to a new house right at the beginning of my pregnancy, so there was a lot of unpacking and arranging and decorating and building (see my post about our library room that we DIYed ourselves!).  So, being tired was certainly expected, and I am so lucky I didn’t suffer from any morning sickness—that’s three for three without it, woo hoo!

Pregnant Runner 10k Race Halloween Spock Costume

Running a 10K Halloween Race at 9 weeks pregnant!

Weight: I had been working hard to lose weight after Baby K and had managed to lose all the pregnancy weight plus almost 10 extra pounds by his first birthday (check me out looking smokin’ hot in my bathing suit in Las Vegas!), but in an effort to take any pressure off I haven’t weighed myself even once since I got those two pink lines.  I am already excitedly thinking about losing the baby weight and more after Baby #3 arrives, but I am also enjoying just relaxing and intuitive eating during this pregnancy.  Intuitively eating chocolate, that is haha!

Cravings: The first thing I craved was a Chinese food chicken ball.  Since then I’ve had two hamburgers (which is unusual since I’ve been eating a lot less meat lately), tonnes of candy, half a cinnamon bun shared with my Hubby, mesquite BBQ chips (a repeat craving from last time!), and more than a couple BLT sandwiches from Tim Hortons—I think it’s the mayonnaise I’m craving, how weird is that?  So definitely more savory, meat dishes this time.  I wonder what the old wives tales say about that…

Bump: I’d say even at week 9 I was a wee bit rounder this time than with Baby #2, and certainly by week 15 I was showing much more than both times.  I even started feeling the tiniest kicks at 16 weeks, three weeks sooner than with Baby #2 and six weeks sooner than Baby #1, though my husband didn’t get a good feel until after week 21.  I’m seeing the most change to my bra cup size which is happening a lot sooner (no complaints from Hubby!), but overall I think I look a lot less thick than with both previous pregnancies.  The bump seems higher this time, too, yeah?

third pregnancy bump comparison 9 weeks

third pregnancy bump comparison 12 weeks

third pregnancy bump comparison 15 weeks

third pregnancy bump comparison 18 weeks

third pregnancy bump comparison 22 weeks

I try to do different hair and makeup for every picture, I definitely prefer long hair and dark, high arched eyebrows, what do you think?

Stay tuned for my second trimester third pregnancy bump comparisons and a nursery reveal.  I will also do a hospital bag post, though our circumstances will be much different than the last two times…more on that later!


First Pregnancy Dress: Olian Cary Empire Maternity Dress

Second Pregnancy Dress: John Zack for Asos.  It’s not maternity, just stretchy, and I got it on eBay years ago to wear to my bridal shower.  This one by Seraphine Maternity looks really similar.

Third Pregnancy Dress: Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg (you can find vintage ones on eBay)

Camera used in the 2nd and 3rd Pregnancy pics: Olympus O-MD E-M10 Mark II with 14-42mm IIR lens


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