Versatile Blogger Award and Seven Things About Me


versatile blogger award turquoise

I am very honoured to say that I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!  How cool!  I was nominated by Quirky Kay and to accept the award I’m supposed to write seven things about myself that perhaps you didn’t know and nominate a bunch of other blogs.  I wasn’t going to accept the nomination because it reminded me of those emails you got in high school telling you to pass it on or you’d have bad luck (which I never ever passed on…so I must be cursed).  But, this type of post is not one I typically do and I thought it was a neat idea, so here it goes!

graduation turquoise toffee

one: I have three university degrees, totaling 10 years of higher education.  I have my dream job now being a stay at home Mom/housewife…though you could say I’m a bit over-educated for it!

yoga teacher training turquoise toffee

two: I am qualified to teach piano, yoga, and highland dancing.  My little toddler is obsessed with highland dancing and asks to wear her “dancing kilt” everyday and listen to bagpipes.  She also loves exercising with me and is particularly good at down dog and burpees.  We play piano constantly and she already blows me away with what she can do.  So, I’m definitely using my teacher trainings to the max!

Elie Saab for Pronovias Fina Mermaid Wedding Dress Cathedral Veil Turquoise Toffee

Elie Saab for Pronovias Fina Mermaid Wedding Dress Turquoise Toffee

three: I was best friends with my husband’s sister for 5 years before I ever met him.  In fact, I met him at her wedding when I was her bridesmaid!  I still remember how I felt when I first saw him walk into the room in his suit.  Wowee, he was handsome!  I remember coming home from the wedding and showing his picture to my Mom and Granny, and they agreed!  We started dating shortly after her wedding when we realized we both lived in the same province.  We did long distance for years before I finally graduated (hahah, see #1) and we got married in 2012.  We will be celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary this year with our two babies!

mardi gras rex 2010 turquoise toffee

four: I was in the Rex Parade during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  I was highland dancing and it was an extraordinary, once in a lifetime experience.  I lived in Baton Rouge at the time attending Louisiana State University for one of those degrees (see #1, hahah).

five:  I don’t like cake, but I love icing.  I usually just scrape the icing off and eat it on its own, I have no interest in the cake.  Now give me a key lime pie and I am all over it!

six:  I love nachos.  My husband and I eat them at least once a week, sometimes more!  If it isn’t my cheat meal day I still make them but will cut the bell peppers larger to use as chips instead of corn chips.  We load them up with so many fresh vegetables and saucy meat, they are finger licking good.   When we use chips we are really loving the Tostitos Hint of Jalapeno lately, and I always eat mine with a bowl of hot peppers and jalapenos on the side.

bikini competition turquoise toffee

seven: Before babies my husband and I did bodybuilding competitions.  I was in the bikini division and really loved it.  After I am done having babies I’d like to go back to it, this time in the figure division.  But in the mean time between babies I still need a fitness goal and have been contemplating doing a half marathon or 10K in April!

Here is a list of my favourite blogs that have all greatly inspired and influenced me in some way:


Pink Peonies

Amber Massey

Monika Hibbs


A Spoonful of Style

Barefoot Louboutins

Manhattan Girl

Kate Middleton

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RH Duchess Kate

Yoga and Fitness

Kino MacGregor 

Leslie Fightmaster

Zuzka Light

I hope you visit some of those links and like what you see.  Let me know in the comments if there are any blogs out there that have influenced you in some way that I should check out, too!  And thank you the nomination, Quirky Kay!



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