Postpartum Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose the Weight Fast: Month 2

Losing weight is hard. You’re battling your body but also your mind. Progress can be so slow that giving up feels like the only reasonable thing to do.  Now add in the postpartum factors–the stretched and soft belly, the sleepless nights, the anxiety and emotions, the utter exhaustion–and weight loss can really feel impossible (and unimportant).

I hear you, and I’m with you. But let me tell you: if you just stick with it, just keep eating your clean food and getting in your exercise and drinking your water and trying your absolute best to sleep, it WILL work. It has to!  It’s just math, plain and simple. When calories in are less than calories out the result is weight loss…eventually.

This week marked 6 weeks postpartum for me and I finally am seeing some progress. FINALLY!  The scale went down more than usual, but more importantly I can see the difference in how I look and how my clothes fit. These past two weeks I have especially tried to get as much sleep as possible and I think that has been key.

So don’t give up!  Just keep doing your best and be patient. If you need tips for staying motivated you can read my ideas here, and if you need tips for moving past a progress plateau see ideas here (they worked for me!).

Another thing that helped me has been switching to the Month 2 diet. It’s so good to be getting new flavours and I’m having a much easier time sticking to it 100%. I like being strict and am perfectly fine having a rigid diet, but even I was getting bored and succumbing to temptation, and every little extra nibble adds up!

So, the same guidelines apply to this month as Month 1: 6 meals a day, eat every 2-3 hours, drink lots of water, 1 cheat meal a week.  Nothing new except for the new food (woohoo!).  Here’s the video, and below are the PDFs of my quantities, a blank version, and a grocery list. I figured it all out using

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan Month 2

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet Month 2 Turquoise Toffee

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet Month 2 Blank Turquoise Toffee

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet Month 2 Grocery List Turquoise Toffee

The workout structure is a little different for this month. You’re still going to do the videos twice each day, you’re still doing 6 workouts a week and you’re still alternating 2 workouts each week. Here’s how it works:

Week One: alternate the “Week 1, Workout 1” video with the Month 2 video.

Week Two: alternate the “Week 2, Workout 1” video with the Month 2 video.

Week Three: alternate the “Week 3, Workout 1” video with the Month 2 video.

Week Four: alternate the “Week 4, Workout 1” video with the Month 2 video.

Got it?  I really like this new workout, especially because it’s shorter than usual!  Yes, yes, yes!  So here is the Month 2 Workout video with a PDF below.

Postpartum Weight Loss Workout Month 2 She Pulls Her Own Weight

Month 2 Workout, She Pulls Her Own Weight Turquoise Toffee

My progress so far:

24 hours postpartum: down 16 lbs

6 days postpartum (eliminated sugar but not following the diet yet): down 22 lbs

Diet week 1 (no exercise): no weight loss

Diet week 2 (started exercising at the end of this week, had done 3 workouts): lost 1 lb

Week 3: lost 0.5 lbs

Week 4: gained 1 lbs (darn, but no big deal!)

Week 5: lost 1 lbs

Week 6: lost 1.5 lbs

Total weight loss so far: 25 lbs

First goal: get to my pre-pregnancy weight, need to lose: 2 lbs

Ok so that’s it for this month, I will check in again in four weeks with my progress and the Month 3 program. I hope you enjoy the new food as much as I am, And PS the smoothie does indeed taste good!!


Mia Strappy Green Bra: Liquido Active 

Black Leggings: Lululemon

Turquoise Nike Free Run 3.0 sneakers: no longer available but I found similar ones at Nike and Zappos


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