Postpartum Weight Loss Workouts: Week 2

We are starting week two of the postpartum diet and exercise routine, are you sick of the food yet?! I certainly am even though it’s all good healthy food. But nobody said it’d be easy, right? I’ve always liked the expression, “eat how you’ve always eaten and you’ll look how you’ve always looked.” I ate moderately during the pregnancy but I definitely did not say no to anything, so this restriction takes some adjustment for me, too.

As for the exercise, I’m loving the intensity. It’s hard to do the video the second time (hard for my muscles and also hard for my time management skills), but I’m getting it done!

If you’re finding it really challenging to do the workouts I have a few suggestions:

one: do what you can. Even if you can only do the workout once it’s better than not doing it at all! 15 minutes of activity is still wonderful, and your body will still progress. So if you’re having one of those days, don’t be hard on yourself if you weren’t able to hit replay, you’re doing great!

two: don’t fret over a missed workout. There are a few different approaches you can take to missing a workout: you can either (a) do it tomorrow in addition to your regularly scheduled workout; (b) make today your rest day and do the workout on your regularly scheduled rest day; (c) skip it and move on, picking up with your regularly scheduled workout tomorrow. Missing one workout every now and then is no big deal, you’re doing 6 per week after all…just don’t make it a regular thing.

If you are missing a lot of workouts, then you need to look at your time management and your level of commitment to this weight loss beast. I’m not being a hard ass here–I am in the same boat as you, I’ve got 2 under 2, a newborn who breast feeds constantly, and no relatives in town to help out…I feel your pain and I know the struggle! But I just make it a priority–the laundry may be wrinkled but I got my workout done! Just do your best, that’s always enough.

three: modify if you need to. It’s better to do 10 push-ups on your knees than to do none at all, so just work your absolute hardest and do whatever you are capable of. Especially if you’re having any kind of pain, pain is bad! Discomfort is ok, pain is not. Obviously you aren’t going to be at a professional athlete level of fitness after just having a baby, so don’t worry about it, do what feels like hard work for your body right now.

If you haven’t started the diet yet, get started!  You can read all about it here.

Ok, here are the videos and PDFs of the workouts:

Postpartum Weight Loss Workout Week 2 Workout 1 Chair-iots of Fire

Week 2 Workout 1, Chair-iots of Fire Turquoise Toffee

Postpartum Weight Loss Workout Week 2 Workout 2 Battle of the Resistance Bands

Week 2 Workout 2, Battle of the Resistance Bands Turquoise Toffee

Here’s my progress so far, comment below if your weight loss is happening faster or slower than mine! And remember, you may not always lose weight each week on the scale but that doesn’t mean you aren’t progressing. Just stick with it!

24 hours postpartum: down 16 lbs

6 days postpartum (eliminated sugar but not following the diet yet): down 22 lbs

Diet week 1 (no exercise): no weight loss

Diet week 2 (started exercising at the end of this week, had done 3 workouts): lost 1 lb

Diet week 3 (working out): lost 0.5 lbs

Total weight loss so far: 23.5 lbs

First goal: get to my pre-pregnancy weight, need to lose: 3.5 lbs


Envisions Hot Pant: Teeki

Mia Strappy Green Bra: Liquido Active 

Yoga Jacket: I got this year’s ago from Lululemon, it’s no longer available in this colour but they get new colours all the time, like this Define Jacket in Seascape.

Black Leggings: Lululemon

Turquoise Nike Free Run 3.0 sneakers: no longer available but I found similar ones at Nike and Zappos

BKR 1 Litre glass water bottle in Sunday: BKR

Gaiam Studio Select Dry Grip Yoga Mat: Gaiam


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