Turquoise Baby Sprinkle for Baby #2 (x 2!)

When you have a second baby, you don’t have a Baby Shower but rather a Baby Sprinkle. You already have so much from Baby #1, you only need to be sprinkled with gifts rather than showered with gifts. Cute, right?  I have friends who live in two different parts of the country, so I actually had two baby sprinkles for Baby #2!  One was thrown by my loving husband at our house and the other by my two lovely girlfriends at the local community centre!  So much fun!

The first sprinkle was a little get together at our new house (that has hardly any furniture in, so we needed to keep the guest list small!).  I was 35 weeks pregnant and had just done the Badlands Maternity Photo Shoot the day before.  It was a really nice little party, especially so because a few friends attended that we hadn’t seen in years.

For the first sprinkle we didn’t really have a theme. I won’t pretend that I wasn’t involved in the planning–but honestly I really enjoy making invitations and decorating and baking, so it wasn’t a chore at all!  I made really simple but beautiful invitations with a blue and turquoise geode agate theme. I decorated the mantel with artificial blue and turquoise flowers, some vines, and the leftover ivy from my Comic Con Poison Ivy costume.  I also baked some delicious sugar cookies and decorated them with sweet cream cheese icing (icing recipe is here).  The rest of the food was very simple, with doughnuts the highlight of the dessert table!

The piece de resistance was a DIY doughnut hole tower which I made using the exact same technique as the Ferrero Rocher Tower here.  Didn’t it look spectacular?!  So simple, so delicious!  The party favours were a little jar of blue candy that we DIYed with turquoise army soldiers on the lids.

We played a few games, ate tonnes of food, and enjoyed all the kids playing with Baby J. It was a really lovely party and I’m so grateful to be blessed with such sweet and kind southern friends!

Turquoise Baby Sprinkle dessert tableTurquoise Baby Sprinkle donut doughnut towerTurquoise Baby Sprinkle doughnut donut towerTurquoise Baby Sprinkle chocolate pretzelsTurquoise Baby Sprinkle gamesTurquoise Baby Sprinkle favor army candyTurquoise Baby Sprinkle pregnant bump manolo blahnik

The second sprinkle was a 1950s Rock and Roll theme, isn’t that perfect?!  My two girlfriends hosted it and they are so thoughtful and loving. They made special efforts to include as much turquoise as possible–which isn’t easy in the baby shower world as everything is always pastel baby blue. They did an absolutely tremendous job and I am so appreciative of all their hard work.

The invitation said to come with some 1950s flair to the wardrobe, so I went as the Bad Sandy from Grease…if she and Danny had done more than just make-out under the dock heheheh!  I was 39 weeks pregnant at this point so the bump was basically as big as it was going to get!  Everyone put so much effort into getting beautiful for the party and it was so nice to be surrounded by my wonderful northern friends!

We played a very heated and competitive game of nursery rhyme jeopardy, a really tough guess the celebrity baby name quiz, and a who-can-blow-the-biggest-bubblegum-bubble showdown.  But I think everyone’s favourite activity of the whole night was colouring pages of each letter of the alphabet. Since when is colouring so relaxing and fun?!  Those pages are going to be turned into a surprise book by another incredibly creative friend, I can’t wait to see it!

The girls put out an amazing spread with hotdogs, French fries, a delicious cake, and (best of all!) an ice cream bar filled with all kinds of amazing candies and chocolates.  I skipped dinner so I could pile my plate high with ice cream and salt water taffee (my favourite!).  My post pregnancy diet is starting soon (you can follow along here and do it with me, I’ve got a whole YouTube Channel set up!), so I wanted to enjoy some sweet treats while I still could!  The party favours were a set of fuzzy dice (just like the ones from my gender announcement) and a vial of sprinkles, so appropriate!

1950s Rock and Roll Baby Sprinkle Turquoise Ice Cream Bar1950s Rock and Roll Baby Sprinkle Turquoise Ice Cream Candy Bar1950s Rock and Roll Baby Sprinkle Turquoise Ice Cream Candy Salt Water Taffee Bar1950s Rock and Roll Baby Sprinkle Turquoise Dessert Table1950s Rock and Roll Baby Sprinkle Turquoise Fuzzy Dice Games1950s Rock and Roll Baby Sprinkle Turquoise Fuzzy Dice1950s Rock and Roll Baby Sprinkle Turquoise Pregnant Baby Bump

The gifts all my friends and family gave at both showers were unbelievably thoughtful and amazing and it’s been such a nice experience sharing the last few weeks of my pregnancy with them. I feel incredibly blessed, fortunate and so thankful.

Now as I wait for this baby to arrive, my last to-do on the list is writing thank you notes. I even bought a calligraphy pen for addressing the envelopes!  I wonder if I can get them done before baby comes…wish me luck!

Turquoise Baby Sprinkle favors donuts chocolate pretzels


Ps: You can see the first party over at Catch My Party and on Project Nursery!


Black Dress: Asos Maternity, this is the most similar I can find.

Blue “Manolo Blahnik” High Heels: check out my post about where to find these here.

Black Pants: Lululemon (not maternity)

Black Shirt: I DIYed this from an Asos Maternity t-shirt, this is the most similar I can find.

Camera: Olympus O-MD E-M10 Mark II with 14-42mm IIR lens


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