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Postpartum Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose the Baby Weight Fast: Month 1

Are you ready to lose the baby weight and shed those dreaded post pregnancy pounds?   I certainly am, and I am still 38 weeks pregnant!!

People may say it’s crazy to even be thinking about weight loss right after having a baby, but I for one think it’s empowering.  I am ready to feel like an individual again, a woman with goals and desires that I am able to achieve.

It’s an odd transition after you have a baby–you are no longer the glowing, attention grabbing, beautiful pregnant woman who is prided for how big she is; you are thrust into a new role as mother and are expected to be frazzled and exhausted and yet to drop the extra weight fast.  I for one think there is no better feeling than accomplishing something you’ve set your mind to, and weight loss is such a great goal not only for your health but also your self esteem.  It can give you that sparkle to make you feel like yourself again.  So if it’s crazy to want to lose the baby weight right away, I guess I’m crazy!

For the next three months I’m going to go on an epic, hardcore, totally awesome weight loss journey live on this blog and YouTube.  I don’t know how it will go:  I will have a new baby and a 1.5 year old for workout partners, I will be breastfeeding and therefore will be hungry All. The. Time. and I have no idea how smoothly or roughly my body will recover from birthing my baby.  But even with these potential obstacles, I’m a woman with a goal and I’m excited and motivated to get started!

This is the first video in my postpartum weight loss series, the introduction and diet plan.  It’s not going to be easy, but by golly I think it’s going to work!   Watch the video for all the info you need, just click on the photo to go to YouTube.

Here are a few points I wanted to add:

one: if there are foods you can not or will not eat, substitute different foods as needed, but be sure you are doing like for like.  So for example substitute almond butter for peanut butter, not watermelon or chocolate brownies.  Go to for an easy macronutrient and calorie counter.

two: you can begin the diet even if you’re not ready to exercise yet, I know I will be starting as soon as I get home from the hospital!  In terms of losing weight, diet is wayyyy more important than exercise!  So even if you’re waiting 6 weeks to exercise you can still get started on your weight loss goals right away.   I have no idea when I will be ready to exercise again, so you’ll just have to wait for me for those videos–but if you are ready before me, go ahead and start doing your own workouts in the meantime!

three: make sure you do what’s right for you.  If you’ve had a c-section, or bad tearing, or you have diastis recti, or you’ve never exercised a day in your life, parts of these workouts may be too intense.  Just do what you can.  Stop if you need to, skip a particular exercise, or press pause and take a 1 min break.  Push yourself to discomfort but not pain!  And do research/talk to your doctor about what is appropriate for your particular situation.

four: I am doing this live with you–this isn’t something I’ve tested out in advance.  We are really doing this together!  I will post the two new workout videos each week and the new diet plan at the end of the month.  So be sure to subscribe to YouTube right here and the blog in the upper right corner of this page to stay updated.

Now as promised here are the downloads: (a) the diet plan with my particular food quantities so you can do exactly what I’m doing (or rather, what I plan to do–I will update if I need to adjust for any reason; UPDATE: I did need to make some adjustments, read about them here), (b) the diet plan with everything left blank for you to fill in your own, and (c) a grocery shopping list.

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet Month 1 Turquoise Toffee

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet Month 1 Blank Turquoise Toffee

Postpartum Weight Loss Diet Month 1 Grocery List Turquoise Toffee

I hope you enjoy the diet and that we all have great results!  Please comment below with what your goals are and any questions you have!  And don’t forget to subscribe!

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