Second Pregnancy Bump Comparison, Part 3

I am 36 weeks pregnant.  Where has this pregnancy gone!?  Seems like just moments ago I got the double pink lines, and now I am literally days away from this baby being full term.  It’s terrifying and exciting and really amazing.

My first bump comparison post took us from week 9-22 (see it here), Part 2 took us from week 23-30 (see it here), and now this one takes us right to full term, week 31-36.

I have been having such a lovely pregnancy.  There have been no concerns, and I don’t even have any new stretch marks!  No pains, no heartburn, no medical issues, no morning sickness.  Truthfully, I am a little sad it is coming to an end; feeling him kick and roll and hiccup and seeing my now beautifully massive belly is really, really nice.  But snuggling him is going to be even nicer!

Completed To Do List Items:  It’s been a busy few weeks!  We did the DIY maternity photo shoot and the pictures turned out amazing!  My husband is quite the amateur photographer and we set up some really gorgeous shots.  I will update with a link here once the post is up, it will be coming next and you’re going to love it!  We also had baby sprinkle #1 and it was so lovely.  I will update with a link here once the post is up but first I have to have baby sprinkle #2 which is happening in just two weeks (I will be one week shy of the due date, do you think I will still be pregnant!?).

Another DIY project was something for Baby J.  Every 6 months I dress her up as a Disney Princess and have a little photo shoot.  I figured I’d have to do a 6 month interval if I wanted to hit all the princesses before she tells me she’s too cool for it.  She just hit 18 months so it was time.  I ended up sewing the costume because I didn’t like the commercial options, so stay tuned for a DIY tutorial for that, too.

And, my husband and I had our last date night when I was 35 weeks pregnant.  We went to see Jay Leno do live stand up comedy and it was great!  I snapped a selfie in the bathroom–isn’t it funny what a difference angles make!?

35 weeks pregnant bump

To Do Still:  Yesterday was new baby laundry day, so now that it’s all folded I just need to organize and put it all away.  Baby J is fully moved into her big girl bedroom (tear!) but the baby nursery has a few finishing touches to go before it’s done.  Of course I will have to update with a link to those pictures, too!  Here’s the nursery and here’s the toddler room.

Today is also pack the hospital bag day.  We need to install the car seat but at least it’s purchased and the truck was detailed, so it’s almost ready for our new baby boy.  I do feel a little rushed and unprepared—3 weeks and 2 days is all that’s left before he’s due, and my husband is convinced he will come early, so I’m feeling the pressure to get everything done ASAP.  Thankfully I kept everything from Baby J’s hospital bag, so all I need to do is refill and restock and double check the checklist.

Most Excited For: The thing I am most excited for (besides meeting my little Prince, of course!) is my postpartum weight loss plan.  I have’t weighed myself in a long time, but I’m fairly certain that I’ve gained more this second pregnancy.  I feel like my belly is bigger even though the rest of me is slimmer (yippee!).  But that’s just fine!  I started 20 lbs lighter this second pregnancy so even though the gain is more, the overall weight is less and I know I will lose it.  I have already started designing my workout program and I’ve got the diet completely ready, so now I just need to start prepping my food.  I have really (really!) big plans and colossal goals for my weight loss and will be documenting it all online so you can do it with me.  There will be videos and printouts and it’s happening soon, so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe!  Being excited and motivated is such a huge component of successful weight loss, so I’m already on the right track.

Second Pregnancy Bump Comparison 32 WeeksSecond Pregnancy Bump Comparison 34 WeeksSecond Pregnancy Bump Comparison 36 Weeks

Well, I have teeny tiny Ralph Lauren sweater vests and polo shirts to go organize and giant lady pads and essential oils to pack, so I better get moving!  The final Second Pregnancy Bump Comparison, Part 4 will be whatever remains of this pregnancy—Baby J came just days after I hit week 40, any bets for this little guy?!


First Pregnancy Dress: Olian Cary Empire Maternity Dress

Second Pregnancy Dress: John Zack for Asos.  It’s not maternity, just stretchy, and I got it on eBay years ago to wear to my bridal shower so I can’t find it any longer, but here it is in black.

Here’s a link to the maternity version as well, just not white.  This one by Seraphine Maternity looks similar.

Camera used in the second Pregnancy pics: Olympus O-MD E-M10 Mark II with 14-42mm IIR lens


6 thoughts on “Second Pregnancy Bump Comparison, Part 3

  1. THE DRESS STILL FITS!! I’m amazed…I was really wondering…cause its a form fitting dress if it would, but it does and you look great! I think your definitely carrying different for this pregnancy so maybe thats why you think your bigger? I’ve heard that a few times about the difference in how a person carries from a girl to a boy…with Baby J I think your carried higher if i look at the main bump…compared to the little prince. So exciting 36 weeks!! I hope it all goes well, and Im 100% sure about one thing…those nurses are going to LOVE those macaroons!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dorothy you are the sweetest and kindest friend, ever! I don’t know how well this dress will fit when there isn’t a bump anymore, it may be irreparably stretched Hahahah! I was just thinking my bump looks lower, too! I wonder if it’s a boy thing or if it’s a second pregnancy thing?


  2. You are looking fabulous! Pregnancy suits you. I loved being pregnant too and I still miss my bump. Looking forward to the DIY pregnancy shoot!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Wannabehippytryingtoparent, thank you so much! That bump is so special, isn’t it? You are going to love the maternity shoot–I had originally planned for the mountains but we decided to drive in the other direction…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You look amazing my friend! Have loved following you in this journey and am excited and quite intrigued to follow your upcoming post partum journey! Can’t wait to meet your precious Prince soon! Wishing you all the best in these last few days!!

    Liked by 1 person

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