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Comic Con: Pregnant, Cosplay and Family Adventures

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We recently went to Comic Con as a family and oh man was it ever fun! Carrying a 1.5 year old, being seven months pregnant, and being dressed in our Batman, Joker and Poison Ivy costumes made it extra special (and tiring), but we are already excited to go again next year with the new baby. He will be about 6 months old, so the family costume ideas are endless (comment below if you have any suggestions!).

We didn’t go to San Diego (maybe one day!) but rather to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. We went two days: on Friday we went in costume and were literally stopped every few minutes for pictures while on Saturday we went in casual clothes because we were getting our photos taken with a few celebrities. Baby J wore her Batman outfit both days and she literally stole the show from all those cosplayers, especially when she belted out “nah nah nah nah batman!”

I got the tickets as a surprise for my husband for his birthday, it was a tough secret to keep because getting the costumes organized without his knowledge was tricky. I would have loved his input on my bodysuit idea for the Poison Ivy costume (walking around in just nylons and a bodysuit is an intimidating thought, pregnant or not!) but once it arrived and fit so well I knew he’d love it. His Joker costume was something we already had from Halloween spent in New Orleans on Bourbon Street where he was stopped constantly for pictures, so I knew it would be perfect. And I decided to get Baby J Batman pyjamas rather than an actual Halloween costume because it would have more life to it. She wears it every night to bed now and loves it, she is such a Batman fan, so it was a great purchase.

This was our first Comic Con and we really enjoyed it. There were lots of vendors selling all kinds of neat things, artists doing drawings and autographs right at their tables, celebrities doing autographs and photos (we got Stan Lee, Steven Yeun who plays Glenn in “The Walking Dead,” and Kristian Nairn who plays Hodor in “Game of Thrones”) and so many people in wicked costumes. Because we had Baby J with us we didn’t stop at the activities or panel discussions but that’s ok, we were tired enough as it was from all the walking! I only wish there had been more Star Trek stuff (self proclaimed Trekkie right here), I am quite unfamiliar with anime and video games.

Two things stand out as my favourite moments:

First was meeting Kenny Hotz from the tv show Kenny vs Spenny. I am a super fan (as declared by Kenny!) and it was so cool to meet them both in person. Kenny is amazingly friendly and easy to talk to, it was like we were old pals. When I walked up to the table in my “pregalicious” t-shirt he yelled “I thought you were on the pill!” and he just adored Baby J–he said he hates when people touch his kids but she was just so cute he had to give her a little handshake and tickle. He even showed me a picture of his little baby on his cell phone, it was awesome. Do I sound a little star struck? Kenny vs Spenny has been a huge part of my relationship with my husband–before there was Netflix I would bring the DVD box set and we would have Kenny-Spenny nights with all our friends binge watching episodes. It was literally the first thing I ever purchased on Amazon! Spenny was there too…but he wasn’t as friendly or talkative and let’s be honest, I’m a Kenny fan!

My second favourite moment was getting our family portrait drawn by “The Simpson’s” illustrator James Lloyd. He was so fast and casual, just talked to us the whole time while drawing. He said this particular Comic Con was one of the biggest in Canada so we made a good choice coming. We have a caricature drawing of me and my husband from when we were engaged up on our wall, and I really wanted one of our family of three before the new addition, so this was too good to pass up. And it turned out great!

Another thing we did that weekend was go to the Starfleet Academy Experience exhibition. Have I mentioned that I’m a Trekkie (the original William Shatner series in particular)? We got some great pictures and Baby J went through the transporter hahah. Our Klingon language skills were awful, but I did really well in the Kobayashi test! My husband and I both would have been scientists, blue shirts. We’ll take it!

It was a very fun and nerdy weekend for our growing little family. I love all the pictures we got of us as in our costumes and we can’t wait to go again next year!


ps: I normally don’t post pictures of Baby J (read why here), but our picture was taken so many times by so many people I figured she’s already all over the Internet, and that’s ok once in a while.

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