Second Pregnancy Bump Comparison, Part 2


It’s pregnancy bump comparison time again!  Boy oh boy time is flying by; I can’t believe how close the end of this pregnancy is.  I’m a little behind on my posts (as I write this I am actually 34 weeks) so looking back at where I was just 4 weeks ago is mind blowing.  I have been away due to the death of someone I loved very much, and being unplugged from social media and my computer just felt right.  But the due date is fast approaching and I have so much to share, so let’s get right to it!

My previous bump comparison post took us from week 9-22 (see it here), and this one takes us from week 23-30.  That bump is growing, holy smokes!

Weight: Obviously there is some weight gain happening, how could there not be?  But in all honesty I don’t weigh myself at home, just at the doctor’s office.  The number on the scale is definitely a trigger for strong emotions despite expecting and wanting the number to increase, so I just avoid it.  By 30 weeks I was still under 20 lbs gained, which I think is pretty darn good—and what I am gaining seems to be going to the belly and not to my face/butt/thighs/arms, so that makes me feel great.  Baby boy is exactly where he needs to be in the growth department, so all is perfect.

I had lost all the pregnancy weight plus 20 lbs in the ten months after Baby J was born, and what a difference it makes in how I look and feel.  Even though I am on track to gaining more with this pregnancy, I am still LESS than my pre-pregnancy weight with Baby J, which feels spectacular.  And am I ever excited for my fitness, yoga, and weight loss goals post partem!  I have monumental plans for taking you all with me on my weight loss journey including videos, so be sure to subscribe!  It’s not long from now—just a matter of weeks!  We will all be in super hot bikini body shape by the end of the summer!!  I know some of my goals are totally unrealistic, but I like to aim high and I’m actually really excited to dive in, so I think that’s a great place to start.

Cravings:  Um…not really?  I definitely want sweets, but there’s rarely something I am dying for.  Bridge Mixture chocolates are my favourite and on the savoury side I love the Old Dutch Crunch Mesquite BBQ chips.  I will be happy if fresh cherries ever come to our middle-of-nowhere grocery store, but I can’t say I’m craving them anymore.  I definitely don’t want to eat vegetables unless it’s a salad with a generous amount of dressing (which is very unlike me, I’m usually a veggie addict, and when it comes to dressing I’m a fork dip in the dressing on the side girl, or just balsamic vinegar and olive oil).

Complaints:  Absolutely none.  Seriously, I have dreamy glittery sparkly pregnancies.  This boy kicks and rolls constantly and is so much fun to feel.  He’s already head down (that’a boy!) and my belly measurements are right on track.  I do have hip pain on my right side when I overdo my yoga or if I push the stroller through the snow (which there still was until literally just a few weeks ago!).  No frequent urination, no heartburn, no bloating, no nausea, no gestational diabetes, no high blood pressure, nothing!  I am blessed and I know it!  I am still teaching yoga twice a week—one is a power yoga class and the other a flow, so I’m getting a lot of exercise and feeling fabulous.  I am certainly more tired in the afternoons, but I get a surge of energy in the evenings once Baby J goes to bed.

Second Pregnancy Bump Comparison 23 WeeksSecond Pregnancy Bump Comparison 25 WeeksSecond Pregnancy Bump Comparison 27 WeeksSecond Pregnancy Bump Comparison 30 Weeks

Excited for:  In the next coming weeks I will get to see him in another ultrasound (they were missing one picture to complete the report—he moves so much and wouldn’t hold still for his close up, and when he did hold still his arms were in the way) and there will be two baby sprinkles!  So stay tuned for my “Second Pregnancy Bump Comparison, Part 3” post and my “Baby Sprinkles” post, too!


First Pregnancy Dress: Olian Cary Empire Maternity Dress

Second Pregnancy Dress: John Zack for Asos.  It’s not maternity, just stretchy, and I got it on eBay years ago to wear to my bridal shower so I can’t find it any longer, but here it is in black.  Here’s a link to the maternity version as well, just not white.  This one by Seraphine Maternity looks similar.

Camera used in the second Pregnancy pics: Olympus O-MD E-M10 Mark II with 14-42mm IIR lens



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