Ferrero Rocher Tower Tutorial

Ferrero Rocher Tower Pyramid Christmas Tree

Ferrero Rocher Tower Pyramid Christmas Tree

Ferrero Rocher Tower Pyramid Christmas Tree

Ferrero Rocher Tower Pyramid Christmas Tree

Ferrero Rocher Tower Pyramid Christmas Tree

Great Gatsby First Birthday Party Turquoise 1920s cake smash

What could be more elegant for a holiday dessert table than a tower of golden Ferrero Rocher chocolates?

This DIY project was easy and fast and actually has been used for two purposes already. First was on the dessert table at Baby J’s Great Gatsby First Birthday Party (click for pics!) and now for our Christmas living room decor. Surprisingly, nobody has eaten any chocolates yet, and it’s been out since mid-November!

One issue with this project is that Ferrero Rocher chocolates are luxurious and therefore not the cheapest treats around, and you’re going to need a lot–nearly 100 for a 10″ tower! So this project will cost a pretty penny if you have to pay full price. I just did some quick math and if you bought three 30 packs from Walmart it would cost $42 CAD for the chocolates alone!  Our local grocery store keeps its seasonal stock on the shelves for the entire year and increases the discount until it’s gone. It’s actually kind of nasty, you really don’t need last year’s Halloween candy in August or last year’s candy canes in July! But there were loads of Ferrero Rocher (that weren’t expired yet) on sale for 75% off, so I snagged them for this project.

I didn’t bother covering the Styrofoam with gold paper because I packed the chocolates close enough together to not really see too much white space. But you could deliberately make them looser if you wanted to see something in the background, or cover it if a little bit of Styrofoam peaking through bothers you.

DIY Ferrero Rocher Tower:

10″ Styrofoam cone

Toothpicks with sharp ends on both sides


90 Ferrero Rocher chocolate truffles

one: insert a toothpick into the Styrofoam cone near the bottom, pointing up at a slight angle. Push it in as far as you want your truffles to stick out–but keep this in mind: the closer your truffles are to the cone the fewer you will need to completely cover it. I pressed the chocolates directly to the Styrofoam and needed 90 in total. If you want the tower to be bigger you can leave a gap between the Styrofoam and the chocolate but you will need many more chocolates! Then push the chocolate into the other end of the toothpick. Easy!

two: continue all the way around the cone placing the chocolates tightly next to each other to create the first row. Then begin the second row above and between two chocolates so that you will fill in all the white spaces as you go around the cone. Continue building layers of rows until you reach the top, and place a single Ferrero Rocher on the very tip of the cone. In the last row or two you may need to adjust your toothpick angles because they will hit each other within the Styrofoam.

three: remove all the white Ferrero Rocher stickers off the little golden foils wrappers. Tie a bow with the ribbon around the top chocolate and allow the ends to cascade down the tower. Done! You can embellish even more if you’d like, perhaps with some holly and cranberries or even string Christmas lights or tiny ornaments.

Because you’re poking holes in the chocolates I’m sure they will eventually go stale. The Ferrero Rocher website says the tower should be consumed within four weeks. But if nobody eats them (like mine, what is up with that?!) then I can’t see why you couldn’t keep this for many seasons to come! Just keep it in a plastic box that little creatures can’t get into to snack on your fancy chocolate truffles!

UPDATE: I made a Doughnut version using the exact same technique!  It was so easy and so delicious!  Check it out here.


Camera: Olympus O-MD E-M10 Mark II with 14-42mm IIR lens

Styrofoam cone and turquoise ribbon: Michaels

White Christmas tree, turquoise balls, turquoise nutcrackers: Bouclair

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