How to Get Your Husband to Give You Gifts You Actually Want

Tiffanys Multi Heart Tag Bracelet Toggle Necklace Turquoise Gift

Tiffanys Multi Heart Tag Bracelet Toggle Necklace Turquoise Gift

Tiffanys Multi Heart Tag Bracelet Toggle Necklace Turquoise Gift

I’m a bit spoiled. Not only did I get a gorgeous citrine ring for a push present (a gift for “pushing” during child birth), my husband frequently gives me little blue boxes wrapped in white bows from a store you may have heard of, Tiffany’s and Co? Not only are these gifts extremely special to me, there’s additional loveliness when my friends compliment my very thoughtful husband.

While I do have an exceptional husband, like most men he had never even heard of a push present. And not only did I want one, I wanted one thing in particular…and I got it.

Don’t be jealous, you can get great gifts from your man, too! If you’re tired of getting gifts from the gas station on his way home, here are my three tips for getting your man to give you gifts you actually want:

One: make it about him, not you: Get him excited about the thought of him receiving a gift from you. Then tell him how you’ve made it easy for him to get you something. Like this: “Honey, Christmas is around the corner and I want to get you those video games you’ve been talking about but I have no idea which ones they are. Could you make an Amazon Wishlist and put a whole bunch of games on it for me? And I’ll make a list for you, too, so it’ll be easy for us both”. How could he say no to that?!

Two: don’t be subtle. Tell him exactly what you want, what size, what colour, where to get it. He will likely appreciate you taking all the hard work out of it. For example: “Honey, I’ve had my eye on this purse for a while and it just went on sale, but since my birthday is coming up I didn’t want to buy it for myself. It’s the last one so I put it on hold at the store and thought it could be my birthday gift. All you have to do is go pick it up.” If he says no, then at least he knows you want a purse from that particular store. Or heck, tell him you’ll pick it up and all he has to do is wrap it and give it to you.

Three: have a fail-safe: Having a favourite store where you like everything, a favourite gemstone, a favourite scent, or a favourite colour makes things really easy. When he says “you’re impossible to shop for” you can tell him to just go to X and get anything Y or that smells like Z.

That’s how you get your man to give you gifts you actually want–and can’t wait to show all your girlfriends! There is still room for him to surprise you, just within guidelines, because if he’s going to spend money on a gift, you might as well love it!


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6 thoughts on “How to Get Your Husband to Give You Gifts You Actually Want

    1. Why waste the time and money and ultimately have clutter in your house, right? Even jewelry can be a waste of money if you never wear it…but what woman isn’t going to wear something from her favourite store (even if it’s not something she would have picked for herself)?


  1. Totally! The “surprise” factor is way overrated when it comes to gifts! If he’s going to spend money on buying you something, it should be something you actually like! (And vice versa!)

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  2. Love this! I totally start prepping my hubby well in advance for gifts. I don’t expect him to read my mind, so I just give him a list. He often still gets a few things he’s thought of on his own but like you said ‘within the guidelines’ then he’s happy he didn’t waste his hard earned money on something I don’t like and I get something I love! Win, win!

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    1. Lolo, you guys are doing it right!! For us at Christmas I’d say 80% of the gifts are from each other’s lists and the other 20% are things we’ve come up with on our own. Sometimes we don’t go directly from the list but we are inspired by them–I have a box set of Marilyn Monroe DVDs on my list and for my birthday he got me a stunning coffee table book of her last photo shoot. Amazing!!


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