Why I Don’t Post Pictures of my Baby Online

why I don't post pictures of my baby online
why I don't post pictures of my baby online

why I don't post pictures of my baby online

why I don't post pictures of my baby online

Like all mothers, I think my baby is breathtakingly beautiful. I
download my pictures once a week to prevent the storage from being completely full. Yet aside from the birth announcement, I have not posted a single photograph of my sweet Baby J on the Internet. And I have some cute pictures! Like last month when I dressed her up as Snow White and brought a giant scrolled mirror and a juicy red apple into the forest for a DIY Disney Princess Photo Shoot. But nothing was posted (except  and here’s why:

One day my Baby J is going to be an adult, and she’s going to be someone important. Perhaps an astronaut or a UN Ambassador or an Oscar winning actress. Whatever it is, I respect her future reputation enough to not fill the Internet with pictures of her as a baby. It is her choice what images are on the Internet, not mine.

I have quite the Pinterest board of baby photo ideas. Many of the pins are photos taken by professional photographers and posted online as advertisement.  Unlike them, I have no reason to show Baby J to strangers. She’s my little tiny cupcake and I’m a protective Mamma!

Lastly, I think social media is for adults; it’s for me and my adult friends to keep in touch. I don’t think it’s a place to post a gallery of my baby’s milestones because, quite frankly, I don’t think my Facebook friends really care. Nobody is going to look through that gallery. The important photos are sent directly to the relatives, so why would I need my long-lost-high-school-friend-that-I-haven’t-spoken-to-in-three-years to be able to see them?

So those are my reasons.  I don’t judge if someone else puts their baby’s pictures online, more power to them!  But until she says otherwise, the images of sweet Baby J are just for me…except this one time, and just her toes. Look at those toes! Are those not the most beautiful baby toes you’ve ever seen!!?!

Striped pants: Carter’s

Animal print pants: Zara

Camera: Olympus O-MD E-M10 Mark II with 14-42mm IIR lens



4 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Post Pictures of my Baby Online

    1. Thanks, Monica! It’s easy to get caught up in loving your kid and wanting to show her off, especially since there is so much inspiration on social media for taking really cute baby photos. Every wall in my house will be like an art gallery filled with pictures of her!


  1. Someone else who feels like we do! How refreshing! I take dozens of pictures of our little girl a day but I do not put her face online. If she wants to post all these pictures later, she’s welcome to, but once you put something on the internet it’s out of your control and I don’t think it’s fair to her to post pictures without her consent. Unfortunately, we had a big row with my in-laws because my MIL started posting pictures expressly against our wishes. She still doesn’t agree with us, but at least has stopped putting photos online.

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    1. Oh my gosh, Natasha, that’s so lame about the MIL! Doesn’t she realize everybody has their own kids and don’t really care to see pics of her grandkids littered all over their FB feeds anyway?! Gah!! The other thing I don’t really understand is when people “check in” when they are somewhere…why do you want an online record of where you are (and aren’t)? You and I just be old fashioned, because we certainly are not the norm these days!

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